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  1. My photoshoot is also booked with the astronauts, im very excited by this years event.
  2. Little Joe Allen, excellent, Well done Showmasters, One door is closed, another is opened wide, superb thank you.
  3. Hopefully she attends in March with the other two astronauts as well as Buzz, Bruce and Alan!
  4. Sorry to hear she wont be attending, I was very much looking forward to meeting her, I had even booked my daughter and I for the photo shoot and the lecture, Will this money be refunded and when as it will mean more money to spend at Autographica then!
  5. Noticing that some of the cast are possibly appearing at the Cardiff and Milton Keynes Showmasters events, would there be any chance any of them may be appearing at Autographica, this would be superb seeing as im quite a fan of the show. Please see what you can do or you might make Mr Flibble very angry and you wouldnt want that would you? Cheers.
  6. Another superb guest, I cant wait till October, is it me or do I just keep wishing my life away!
  7. Excellent news, looking forward to meeting her, good work Showmasters.
  8. This is by far very very good news, Thank you very much for making my dire weekend somewhat brighter!
  9. Any of the Skylab Astronauts as its the 40th anniversary, maybe even some astronauts from groups 6 and 7 who were selected for Apollo but many went on to fly on the Shuttle program especially Story Musgrave.
  10. Good morning folks, just a general enquiry but there is a link at the bottom of the main Autographica page saying there is more guests to be announced soon, is there going to be any more announcements considering there is less then a week to go?, I would love personally Al Worden to be a late announcement as I have a very special piece to have signed by him! Anyway im still very excited at this weekend and everything going on!
  11. Thank you Dave thats very kind, and to be fair I have a teenager who hates alcohol where most drink copious amounts.
  12. Looking forward to adding another Shuttle astronaut to my collection, one I havent met and interested in speaking quickly with him about his flights as the queue isnt too big, cheers Showmasters you never fail to please us.
  13. Smashing guy, met him at the KSC and gives superb talks on the Shuttle program, fellow astronauts and his Career, very interesting chap. I have a STS 129 crew shot I need signing so very good news indeed!
  14. Good morning Showmasters, I am going to be attending Autograpica as I have done since it started way back in 2000, but I have just one daft question to ask I am interested in purchasing a Weekend ticket for myself as im interested in popping along to the drinks night as I only live down the road, but heres the question My daughter is 14 does she need one also as she would love to mingle with the Astros, I understand with the early bird but wasnt to sure about any of the pricier tickets as it were, any feedback is as always gratefully received?
  15. Is their any possibility of Al Worden joining us again?
  16. I was just wondering about the possibilities of Al Worden, Walt Cunningham plus any other of the early Shuttle astronauts appearing?
  17. I agree I would love to meet him again.
  18. Brilliant fun, loved every minute was there for the whole weekend and met the guests I wanted and met some great people to chat to, so all in all im looking forward to the next Autographica. So well done Showmasters and all involved your hard work is appreciated.
  19. I think age is more of an issue then the cost of bringing them over although im not saying for one moment its cheap, but to be fair the astronauts from the M-G-A era are not spring chickens anymore and when you look at the amount of public engagements they still attend in the US alone it must be hard going. And to be fair as well in respect to the last ten years the amount of Apollo astronauts has been tremendous, thanks to Showmasters I have met six of the twelve Moonwalkers as well as Command module pilots plus Skylab and ASTP astronauts. But with the end of the Shuttle program I think it is exciting to see them at Autographica and there is a far deeper pool of Shuttle astronauts then their is Apollo, dont forget Bruce McCandless was himself chosen in 1966 as part of the Astronaut office but never flew till 1984 thanks to the Shuttle program.
  20. I look forward to meeting the astronaut guests as always especially the Shuttle astronauts, but will there be any talks given by any of them? Norm Thagards time on Mir would be very interesting to hear and of course his Shuttle missions go without saying. Im still grinning guys thank you for an amazing line-up.
  21. Shhhhhh im still at work right now so dont tell anyone but then again the shout of joy may of given me away! Just the best news I could read on here while being on the late shift, cheers everyone at Showmasters superb news.
  22. My weekend tickets arrived this morning, thank you very much guys.
  23. A terrible shame for such a legend of the Mercury program not to attend, but nevertheless we have been lucky in the past with his visits to our shores and can only hope he returns to see us again. But nevertheless it will be my yearly treat to browse round the various Traders to see what delights they have and im looking forward to the Jerry Bostik lecture.
  24. May I enquire as to what Bill Oefelein and Tom Jones will be charging for their autographs or is that still to be decided by them? And will Astronauts Tom and Bill be doing lectures and photoshoots as well, just out of interest?
  25. Another great Astronaut I am very much looking forward to meeting him.
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