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  1. My son will be happy with this one..... A good choice.
  2. Amazing. He is going to be a good guest. I'll be getting him for the 007 and the Arrow connections.
  3. I got my photoshoot ticket this morning. As I said I will meet Stan in honour of my husband. The ticket number was also No 1
  4. Before my husband passed away he ordered a photoshoot ticket for this guy. He was a massive fan. All his life he had wanted to meet Stan. The guy gets announced and as you can imagine my husband is over the moon. Then on 19th Dec he sadly passes away never meeting his hero. So I will in the honour and memory of my husband I will have the photoshoot instead. I admire Stan and would also like to meet him as I am a superhero fan too, but this meeting Stan will be a special moment and I will be doing it for my husband.
  5. Thank you for your posts. Your thoughts and kind words mean so much to me....
  6. Some of you will know SlippDigby. He was my husband. He sadly passed away last night due to a massive heart attack. He loved these forums and had plently of friends here. May he rest in peace my dear sweet husband.......
  7. I have met Carrie Fisher at LFCC and she was nice. To have Mark would be nice but so would getting Mr Ford. Some guests are just hard to get. It could be the agents. They can be funny. But if he does come can you imagine the queues of folk wanting to meet him. I for one would be one of them.
  8. Wow cool!!!!!!!!!!! I have met another Jason, so to get to meet another one will be excellent!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. I think that in the next movie with this Superman they can work on his emotion more.... But Lois Lane knowing he is Clark is wrong and can't really work so I wonder if this will be addressed in making her forget..... Can't imagine though how. Oh well. I will wait and see. I give MOS a 7 out of 10.
  10. Right I have watched Man Of Steel again and it was much better this time round. I watched it without trying to compare it to my favourite of all time Chris Reeve which is always hard to do. I have to concede it is a great movie and I take back some of the things I said about it and why I thought it was bad. Yes I can see that Superman does show concern for the earthers and does care. It was just all surrounded in all that dread and destruction. And in 3D too. And I often do find that I enjoy films more in the comfort of my own home and not at the cinema. So I will be watching it again and it w
  11. Does anyone else watch this fine show? I love it. What do others think?
  12. I hope Superman V Batman will be great or I think it will kill off the superhero hype....
  13. I didn't go so to see him must of been great. But I guess he will be there in November I hope please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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