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    I agree it seems a lot of critics, and general film fans, are prepared to forgive it due to the effects and 3D aspects, and in some ways I do think it's right to reward films if it's clear a vast amount of effort has gone into it. In fact that's the only reason why Transformers 2 isn't my 'worse film of the year', that and because I had to watch Gamer. I'm in two minds about actually seeing it. I've seen bits and pieces while at work and can't say I've been impressed. A lot of people have pointed out the major flaws, and that's enough to put me off but I am curious. I'm going to wait until the new year though, and might try and watch it at the IMAX or another 3D system other than Real-d.
  2. mattman81


    Did you see it in 2D or 3D, Nicky?
  3. I loved the Twilight blue filter too. I think having a smaller budget helped them make the most of the photography. I don't think New Moon was as well shot, and the bigger budget hindered it more imo. Team Paul - Did you see the film in the same screen at the same cinema?? We're currently running two 35mm prints and a digital copy. Needless to say the digital copy looks great, while the 35mm prints aren't half bad but once you've seen it in digital, you'll see the difference between the two easily.
  4. Was I the only one that laughed a bit at that Vampire vision scene?? I just thought it was really comical, but also quite beautiful at the same time. I liked the abrupt ending too. It also made finding where to put the lights-up cue on the film very easy. I had to make two 35mm prints up of this film and it's always nice to have a very clear ending
  5. I was fearing the worse but found it enjoyable and good, if not very good (and at times brilliant). I have hardly any complaints really. I knew it would never reach the dizzy heights of Twilight but I think it does what it needed to do and is very solid. I just wish it wasn't a horrible yellow Porsche. It's Italy, it should have been an Alfa Romeo 8C!!
  6. I love steampunk too. You might want to contact this guy as I really like his work: www.atomefabrik.com
  7. Mark Kermode liked it, but at this rate I think it'll be gone by the end of next week.
  8. Seems no one else is seeing Bandslam either, it's been pretty much empty all day, lol.
  9. The trailers did arrive yesterday and have been/will be put into Bandslam (at Vue cinemas at least). The trailer is unconventional with the Taylor interview segments, but it does show quite a lot of new stuff. It definitely puts more emphasis on Jacob. I haven't seen Bandslam, but the projectionist that did loved it. He is a High School Musical nut though.
  10. I can answer this one quite accurately as I'm the one who puts trailers into the films (aka a projectionist, lol). Okay, Bandslam is on previews today (Wednesday) and tomorrow. For these preview shows we have a list of trailers that we're meant to play. This trailer list will then change on Friday when the film is then officially released. On the trailer sheet for Friday I did indeed see that a new trailer for New Moon was listed. We have yet to take delivery of this trailer but it has been rated PG and is actually 4 seconds shorter then the current one. The chances are the trailer has been delivered today (I'm working this evening so will find out) but strictly speaking the trailer wont be put into Bandslam until Thursday evening/Friday morning. However, the chances are some cinemas will put it in as soon as possible because we have advert changes on Thursday so we don't really want to much about with trailers on top of that. I'll let you know what the score is tomorrow, but with Bandslam being an E1 distributed film they are obviously keen to promote New Moon too.
  11. I have next weekend off but haven't decided whether to go or not. The line-up is a little uninspiring for me, and I'm just curious about the new venue if anything. I might go on the Sunday, but I still need some convincing (feel free to convince me )
  12. Because it means they can get the film released much sooner. They can now work on both New Moon and Eclipse at the same time, with one in production (and soon to be post-production) and the other in Pre-production. It's a good idea considering Summit want to rush them out, although that is a questionable decision.
  13. I never got to see it at the cinema (although I did see bits of it as I'm a projectionist so can't avoid it). My work colleagues who did see it loved it and I didn't waste any time taking the mick out of them for it. What a bunch of girls, I declared! However..... I got it on DVD and have since lost count the number of times I've watched it Needless to say my work colleagues are enjoying my new found love, lol. Why is it so consuming & addicitve????
  14. Excellent choice I think. He has an excellent eye and sense of colour which I see fitting in very well into the Twilight saga, plus he's no stranger working with vampires and will be more than capable of taking the saga into a more adult realm.
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