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  1. Oh yeah we so need to have that played I think I might have a few songs used on the show somewhere I'll dig them out and put them on a cd.
  2. Just to let everyone know Ibis is charging £50 a night and you can book now and not pay till you get there.
  3. Well I did ask for The Killers to be played at Ecilspe and he said he would play them but he didn't So now I'm demanding that they be played.
  4. Clear it up? Does this mean your getting rid of the negative comments where people are expressing they point of view?
  5. Doesn't really have a option for me on the poll as I have already booked for Eclipse and depending on other guests have not decided about G Mex.
  6. The fact that someone has been driven off the board says it all. No, it doesn't. That says nothing about us and everything about the person who left. The reason none of you can actually quote posts and comments we made that are mean and devilish and evil and nasty and cruel and bad and malicious is because we didn't make any. It's because the only personal attacks in this entire thread are from you and the others attacking us. No, we're not. If we're 'always right' we wouldn't discuss it. If we were 'always right' we would just state our opinion, inform you that it's the correct one, and tell you not to bother coming back or arguing with us because they have no right. Can you quote where that was said? Meow
  7. Thanks for posting Showmasters because I always feel you know the right way to say things in a calm way. I think both Psychosis and DavidB need to read there replies to posts and understand how they come across. No matter how you word it it does come across like your picking on people. It seems that anyone that disagrees you try and hound them off the board. I will be going to both events I don't have a gold pass I've never got a gold pass. I don't have that amount of money to spend in one go and have to spread the cost. I go to cons because they are cons for programes I like yes cons are different. I have gone to some signing events because of guests. I use to book to go to MK months in advance just because I liked it going to the event and then guests kept getting cancelled all the time or accounced for different events instead. I enjoy events and going to them but at the end of the day people still go to most of them because of the guests going after all you do want something for your money. Showmasters I know you guys want to sell the last of your tickets so we can get a 6th guest so how is this going to help you do this. I am quite angry about this because it seems that it's a big **** take it doesn't seem that it will save that much money if people don't buy the last of the eclipse tickets because of this. I love heroes but agree you need to select more of a range of guests from different films and programs and I know it can be hard to get some guests and new ones as well. I just don't feel that this seems to be the case.
  8. I live in Leeds getting train only have 1 change though and I got the tickets really early try cut down on price a bit. It's a bit of a nightmare to get there.
  9. This is a bit silly loads of people buy 2 tickets one for each day for a guest so they have 2 pictures with different outfits on. Is this still going to be allowed ? Most cons do it by registerson no but I think most allow you to go later if you want to go with a friend that booked later. Is this going to be allowed?
  10. I'm confused, how can it cost twice as much to get to Northampton, it's only 2 stops away on the train! If it's going to cost twice as much, buy a ticket to Milton Keynes, then spend 7 quid for a train from MK to Northampton. Also, at off peak times, there are 3 trains from MK to Northampton an hour, I don't see how you can say they don't run very often. I'm coming from Leeds so I get the coach when I go down to Milton Keynes. I'm getting train to Northampton because it's hard to get to and the coaches don't run at good times. It would be a total pain to get a coach to Milton Keynes and then a train to Northampton as they are in different parts on MK and with luggage as well it would end up me having to get a taxi.
  11. Am I missing a link or has a website not been created yet?
  12. Sorry bumping again the bed is still available.
  13. I have booked a twin room in the con hotel for friday and Saturday night. I'm now looking for a female room mate. Please can you email me hobbitfanatic at hotmail.com
  14. I know it's short notice but is there going to be any replacements for the cancelled guests?
  15. Did you get the initial confirmation e-mail when you placed your order for Eclipse? Normally Jola would e-mail you if there's a problem, but if there was a typo in the e-mail or something of course that wouldn't work. I did recieve a email and I replied to that one leaving in the order number and other info but have heard nothing for nearly 2 weeks. I know they busy etc so wasn't going to make a big deal just my Lockdown money went out and the Eclipse has not.
  16. 2 weeks ago I sent a email about my programme and the money still has not gone out of my account I included the order number and have heard nothing. I just thought you were busy because of the lockdown programmes but my money went out for that 8 days ago. What do I do now?
  17. I know the event you mean I was a bit upset myself when I had to go home and I ended up missing the shoot. Would be a brillant idea.
  18. Craig does tend to over take talks but we love him still. I'm taking that all talks are free then is that correct. Will sunday talk tickets be available on Saturday as well as I'm able to make it for sunday and that would mean most of the tickets might be gone.
  19. I hope not maybe might be worse for another show instead though.
  20. It's a different way con's are different to signing events. Film Con is a signing event another show is a Con
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