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  1. Image of the Fendahl The Sun Makers
  2. Horror of Fang Rock The Invisible Enemy
  3. I preferred the old style auctions - this time I saw stuff I was interested in but I went to Charles Martinet's talk and after it finished I realised I'd forgotten about the auction and missed the chance to place a bid.
  4. PMs are disabled on the Showmasters forum. I think that's always been the case.
  5. Listened to Exploration Earth and Doctor Who and the Pescatons - wanted to hear them before I watch Sarah Jane's last story.
  6. I would love to meet her, and I have a couple of cast shots for her to sign.
  7. I didn't see those I was also a little disappointed not to be able to take a picture of the costume which was on display at the Terminator talk as the compere wouldn't let me. When it was back in the display area it had bags and other items on the floor next to it. However, thats a minor quibble - it was great to see the exhibits!
  8. Saturday was the busiest I've seen at a Showmasters event, and I was at Collectormania the year the hobbit actors were first there, and at LFACC the year the Heroes cast and Patrick Stewart were first there.
  9. I saw it on Saturday, then when my friend arrived I took him to see it as Blade Runner is his favourite film and he absolutely loved it! I came back on Sunday morning when it was quieter so I could take photos of all the exhibits.
  10. Showmasters will put them online eventually, but if you want them sooner you're best off using your scanner.
  11. Having met Alexander Siddig at LFACC this weekend, Terry is the only guest I need for my DS9 cast shot. Any chance of you getting her for a Showmasters event?
  12. Alexader Siddig was scheduled to be at the event on Friday but was not there. Is he still attending this weekend?
  13. I've checked the website but I can't find details: how much will it cost for a ticket for the whole weekend? I'm intending coming this evening (Friday), and then both subsequent days, hoping to get there in time for early entry.
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