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  1. I sent a email yesterday to the shop so finger crossed
  2. so we need our finger crossed again for this week
  3. And now hope for the best for all of us
  4. i like to see guests from walking dead, supernatural, son`s of anarchy, arrow, haven, buffy, angel, agents of shield, bones.
  5. it worked room booked now yeahhhh just need more guest haha
  6. i will wait for a our or so but only single beds are online no double or twins for now. nothing yet 2 ours later update you site please hilton haha
  7. i now your buzzy but still nothing in de mail lol
  8. we will see soon i hope
  9. i have seen it now can`t wait until the next ep
  10. we will have fun all dutch people yahoo and sven you have to say hi now lol.
  11. getting closer and closer now yahoooo
  12. Verdonschot isn't a surename you see every day! Well actually I do, as it's my surename aswell funny two people with the last surename. sven are you going.
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