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  1. yvonne80

    Hallowhedon 7 Cancellation

    i got my refund this week
  2. yvonne80

    Hallowhedon 7 Cancellation

    I sent a email yesterday to the shop so finger crossed
  3. yvonne80

    Hallowhedon 7 Cancellation

    so we need our finger crossed again for this week
  4. yvonne80

    Hallowhedon 7 Cancellation

    And now hope for the best for all of us
  5. yvonne80

    Tv and movie guest suggestions

    i like to see guests from walking dead, supernatural, son`s of anarchy, arrow, haven, buffy, angel, agents of shield, bones.
  6. yvonne80

    Hallowhedon Hotel Code!

    it worked room booked now yeahhhh just need more guest haha
  7. yvonne80

    Hallowhedon Hotel Code!

    i will wait for a our or so but only single beds are online no double or twins for now. nothing yet 2 ours later update you site please hilton haha
  8. yvonne80


    i got mine to now
  9. yvonne80


    i now your buzzy but still nothing in de mail lol
  10. yvonne80

    Friday Meet Up..

    me and some friends
  11. yvonne80

    Fran Kranz

    we will see soon i hope
  12. yvonne80


    i have seen it now can`t wait until the next ep
  13. yvonne80

    Introduction Thread

    we will have fun all dutch people yahoo and sven you have to say hi now lol.
  14. yvonne80

    Hallowhedon 3 Countdown

    getting closer and closer now yahoooo
  15. yvonne80

    Introduction Thread

    Verdonschot isn't a surename you see every day! Well actually I do, as it's my surename aswell funny two people with the last surename. sven are you going.