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  1. Can't wait to see David Duchovny tomorrow after seeing Gillian Andersson 2 years ago.
  2. Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd were already in London and Lea Thompson was in Milton Keynes. So not sure they will come back.
  3. OK, thank you for confirming. But at least you get guarenteed autograph and photo session.
  4. Just noticed that Talk Show is only on Saturday. So what do you get on Sunday instead for the same price please?
  5. 1 x Standard Photo Opportunity with David Duchovny on Saturday or Sunday. Day to be chosen at check out. These are limited per day and once the order is confirmed the day can NOT be changed. 1 x Guaranteed in-person autograph with David Duchovny. This can be on either your own personal item or a 10x8 supplied by us. (This can be collected on Saturday or Sunday) No virtual queue ticket is required, however Diamond Pass Holders will be called by number. Your number can be found on your pass.
  6. When Robert Englund signed an autograph for my sister, I told him what to write, also, I wrote my sister's name on paper to avoid spelling mistakes.
  7. Nice... Good for him, he has been working hard. I forgot...Clint Eastwood of course.
  8. Not in the same show of course Cannot believe you have David Duchovny and Val Kilmer, so who knows... George Clooney lives 1 mile and Orlondo Bloom 10 miles from my house, I can ask them to begin with
  9. Jack Nicolsson George Clooney Harisson Ford Sean Connery Brad Pitt Arnold schwarzenegger Anthony Hopkins Michael Douglas Johnny Depp Orlando Bloom Leonardo DiCaprio Sigourney Weather Angelina Jolie Jennifer lawrence
  10. Did you receive the crew email? I didn't Seb
  11. Thank you Stuart, I will never forget that wonderful weekend with wonderful people.... Sorry for being a pain in the **** to the crew at the "Organiser Booth" and "Green Room" on Saturday. I know what is "Running" now and I was only doing what i was asked. Thank you to Frenchy, I had a great laugh (vou lezvou lé vou, avec moi, ce soir.....) Thank you to Luke (my roomie), he didn't snore at all. Thank you to all the people who made me feel Welcomed. I hope I will see you "All" soon Seb
  12. As far as I am concerned, you were great. You were my first Pit Boss as well. I think I might have upseted some people at the Organiser Booth and Green Room. But that was my job. Better to do too much than not enough... Thanks Ian See you Seb
  13. Gillian Anderson, David Duchovny, Sean Connery Harrison Ford
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