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  1. Great news.. With the return to May I assume the plan is also a return to twice a year... Can't wait to see what the convention centre will be like.
  2. I remember at C14 the poster said that C15 was June because they had to wait for the end of season but for C16 the building at the end, conference center, or whatever it'll be called will be ready so it doesn't matter about the football. Although I imagine it will matter for parking 'cause that area of the city is hell on earth for roads and parking on match days. I'm just hoping they're not just working on a promise that it'll be ready... we all know how good building projects are at being on time.Especially with the downturn in business it can pay builders to even have to pay penalties just to keep their workers busy and tied to the firm till the next job hopefully comes along. Come on Showmasters we're all asking nicely.. Please let us in on the secret of when C16 will be? Jon
  3. True.. But I'm hoping there's a date as I work shifts and have to book the time off this far in advance as I always book the whole Collectormania weekend. That's why I can't make June as I had May bank holiday booked instead. So hopefully someone from Showmasters will know when.. If they don't how do they know the stadium will be available. Jon
  4. Hi I'm unable to make Collectormania 15 as I'm on holiday in June.. Is there a date set for Collectormania 16 yet? Thanks Jon
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