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    Horror Guests and Horror Franchises

    I'm an old friend of Linnea Quigley and happen to know she would love to do a con over here in the U.K. this year. It's very rare she like to travel so far from home for any length of time so this is a bit of a rare opportunity to get her.
  2. steve2young

    Horror Guests

    How about Nathan Baesel from the overlooked classic Behind The Mask: The Rise Of Leslie Vernon. He's also done other things mainstream enough to maybe make him a crossover guest.
  3. steve2young

    Guest Suggestions

    Derek Mears (the new Jason from the upcoming remake of Friday 13th) John Kassir (the voice of the Cryptkeeper from Tales Of The Crypt) Tony Moran (The only Michael Myers to be unmasked) Tyler Mane (Michale Myers form that Remake thing)
  4. steve2young

    Guest Suggestions

    I agree and I could, but won't, reply to your opinions on my opinions and beliefs as this isn't what this is about and you're allowed your opinion as much as me or anyone else is allowed theres and we should just all get back to topic and all just say who we'd like to meet without slagging off everyone.
  5. steve2young

    Guest Suggestions

    No, I totally get why London is the place to go. I dont think some big guests will be tempted to go to Ireland, London is a big bustling city, the centre of attention so they are more likely to go there - it's where the action is. Just look at the calibre of guests Glasgow or Manc get compared to London. I dont mind the travel, I'm just glad we get the guests at all. SM get us the guests and the venue so then it's our job to get there if we wanna meet them - I think thats a fair deal, all SM ask is for us to get off our asses and get there, they've done the hard part. We cant get everything we want served on a silver platter. exactly, and if there are a number of big guests id wana meet all at 1 show in london then i wud travel, itas worth the money to meet them if i could!! I now give up on this line of thought. I just feel it's fairer for the majority of the country to have things outside of London but you preprogrammed people seem to disagree. You just do as you're told. I'm allowed my opinion as much as you are to disagree with me but i don't see why it's such an issue. This is a forum about who you want to see and people even argue about that. Get back to topic and let people have there opinion.
  6. steve2young


    I'm totally up for a Halloween reunion this year or any year. If Showmasters have any sense they really should sort out a dedicated Horror Con. America has them all the time all over the country and they're packed out, and we get nothing but the odd celeb here and there. More horror more of the time please.
  7. Are we talking TV stars or someone really big here?
  8. steve2young

    Guest Suggestions

    I attend cons like LFCC in London no problem and I live in Ireland. If your a big enough fan and in Britian, you'll make the effort to travel. We have the capacity to use public mechanical transport - most humans have enjoyed this privelidge since the 1800s. I've been to the Sates, and most recent Flashback in Chicago to Horror conventions just to meet celebs that I don't think I'll ever be likely to meet in this country so I do understand what travelling means. I just get a bit sick that London seems to always get the priority over the rest of the U.K. and not everything should be in the capital. Yes it's easy to get to, I can get there in just over an hour, but there's more to the U.K. than just London. Wouldn't you rather have a convention in Ireland with the same line ups as they do in London? Also the less people that have the shorter distance to travel is much better for the environment which we've been quite happily destroying since the 1800s.
  9. steve2young

    Guest Suggestions

    The emphasis on horror guests may be a lil bit intense but that's because no one ever really listens to much, and you have to go to conventions in the sates to meet anyone and that is expensive even though the autographs are half the price. I'm not saying or suggesting every guest should be a horror guest, and i'm all for a balanced even selection as you need to appeal to all types and tastes to make Collectormania Midlands a regular fixture for the future, but this is a forum for saying who you'd like to meet and ideas you have so being a big horror fan i'll be pushing horror but I don't and wouldn't expect Collectormainia to turn in to a horror convention. I think there should be a dedicated horror convention and it should be out of London so the rest of us mortals can attend, but that's a discussion for a different forum. Good luck with getting anyone form CSI, and how about getting William Shatner to attend as i would so love to meet him.
  10. steve2young

    Guest Suggestions

    Betsy Palmer Jamie Lee Curtis Heather Lagenkamp Jeffrey Combs Sid Haig Bill Moseley Janet Lee Everyone that's played Michael Myers or everyone that's played Jason Vorhees. Get in the horror movie stars, it's just after Halloween after all.
  11. steve2young

    Guest Suggestions

    I totally agree that there should be more Horror movie guests, and I was talking to Elvira last month in Chicago (truthfully I was) and she said she was interested in doing a show in the U.K. this year so she may be a real possibility. Guest i'd like to meet are... Tom Savini Robert Englund (again) Kane Hodder Jamie Lee Curtis Tony Moran (The Face of Michael Myers) Ken Kirzinger Adrienne Barbeau John Carpenter So there's Freddy, 2 x Jasons, Michael Myers and a Fog reunion going on in just a few names.