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  1. Get up early next time, I arrived at 01.00 and was the first one who got the signing from James masters, at that time he was very friendly, the tickets flew out very quickly. It's not that I'm a total freak but it was better to spend the night in front of the door than arrive at 10 in the morning and have no autograph. Sorry when you don't get one but I DID. Was a very great sunday, tired but great.
  2. I thought that about 2 weeks before the event would take place, thje prices would be annouced. Does anybody know what it will cost? Don't just say major guest will be around .... but I would like to know how much I have to bring along. It will be less because of shanks and judge.
  3. My question is about the fact that I would like to know how far the mk centre is from the busstation at junction 14. Is this doable by feet or do I have to take a cab? Pascal Maybe someone can pick me up at 0.45 and drop me at the centre if it's far away.
  4. thanks that was the link of the floorplan I was looking for. See you all at C7. Pascal (netherlands)
  5. I arrive on saturday night and want to save my money to get James masters and the rest of the buffy cast and the stargate cast. Besides a week after this one I'm going to another show Bonn and a wee after that I'll be at New star con. That's the reason i stay the night outside (don't mind, it's not the first time) and I'll go back sundayevening. Someone posted a map / blueprint of the shoppingcentre and told me wich was the best place to go in? If you see me a guy from holland in a buffy shirt staying in front of a door (that's me) but when it's the wrong one please help me to the right entrance door
  6. Can someone please put the map of buildings / shops from c7 on the forum once more. I want to stay the night in front of the shops but want to stay somewhere were I can get in. I know that soemone has helped me out before but it's not on the board anymore. Yes Anthony S H twice in 14 days that will be fun. Thanks already
  7. I think it´s like everywhere, running for a ticket and when you have what you came for, indeed sit back and just enjoy the view. Thanks for the info, by the way when people come on sundaymorning, early and you see a guy lying in front of the doors and you´ll think that he´s in front of the wrong one: JUST WAKE ME UP and take me to the right ones. Pascal
  8. Maybe it's just me but where is the entrance at middleton hall, I do sleep outside and it would be #@#$ed if I sleep outside in front of the wrong door. Can anyone also let me know where to find the actors, is it like the film and comic con where all the actors are in the back sitting next to each other, which was very easy to find everybody.
  9. You´ll recognize me with a red sunnydale high t-shirt or a black buffy the card game shirt, when you're early you'll see me lying in front of the door, sleep outside. listen to the name Pascal and I'm dutch
  10. Maybe we can have a sing along to stay warm in the morning when we have to queue outside the shops, I sleep in front of the doors on saturdaynight so I can spend even more money at the convention and the conventions 1 and 2 weeks after this one. So when you meet a male buffy - angel - smallville - stargate freak with blue lips then it´s me.
  11. Great that your going so I am and If I see you than I have to say hi to ya. If you don´t have a place to sleep on saturday night then you can always spend ther night with me in front of the door because I arrive on saturday evening and go back on sunday evening, and I don´t have the extra money to stay at an hotel cause a week after this there´s another show (germany) and a week after that there's New star con (holland) and because I'm from rotterdam (holland) I have to be a little easy on the money, autographs costs pretty much but hé I'm gonna have fun anyway, will wearing a black buffy cardgame shirt or a red sunnydale high shirt.
  12. Maybe I'm stupid but what is MSPG?
  13. Prices are going up everywhere, at another show germany you pay for Jolene Blalock 40 euro that´s about 28 pounds. I don´t think that 20 / 25 pounds is a lot but 30 or higher ´then it´s getting expensive. I do want Masters and denisoff but also the both stargate members, plus the fact I have to pay for my flight etc etc, then it´s gonna be a expensive day.
  14. Thanks for offering me a place with 20+ year ish girl and than find out your with a big group. I don't stay at the airport but travell to the convention centre and spend the night in front of the door thinking about the fact that I could have slept as a married man in a house full of girls. Maybe it helps when I say that I like stargate as well and that a week after CM I go to another show n Bonn and there will be our beloved Jonathan Quinn attending. Last request maybe you could check things out for me over there and maybe you know another place to bunk the night. Thanks anyway
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