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  1. This is on behalf of my friend, basically my friend should have an email about the hotel, asking her to confirm the hotel days and stuff that has to be replied to by today, however she used her school emails and last week the server exploded xD so she can't get onto them. What should she do? Thanks
  2. I don't know about the first part, but you can definitely get a £15 autograph and then get a £5 voucher towards another autograph. I'll do that then :) Thanks!!
  3. In regards to crew vouchers, if I wanted an autograph for Karen, but I'm only working a half day, can I get the £20 worth, then just pay the extra £5, or if a got a £15 one, do I get a £5 towards another auto? I'm a bit confused about it sorry
  4. Just saw the Karen Gillian autograph price.... Ouch.... Oh well, I'll still get it anyways
  5. Ahh, makes more sense now... I did wonder how they could possibly have that much stuff...
  6. I would love to see some of the old ones too, as I've attended all the hubs but didn't get a chance to look through them at the hub 6
  7. I can kind of see why they want it in London, but it kinda sucks as everybody loves Northampton, alsooooo, I have to pay for a room for me, my mum (because she brings me) and my sister (she keeps my mum company ) but all the hotels around are only 2 person rooms (I've checked) and I refuse to pay over £200 for 2 nights for just us 3. At least in Northampton there was the travelodge, where you could have upto 4 people in a room for only £29 a night.
  8. and is the reason given bySM for moving CML to the week before which upset a few of us, now there is a hub with the goal of attracting american guests from the new series on those dates. hummm. anddddd, even if they didn't mind coming over for the event, with time difference ect, they wouldn't be able to make the whole weekend without missing some of thanksgiving :/ so unless their like just there sunday....? Also, is it really in London this time? I thought it was in Northampton again however I didn't actually listen, I just assumed....
  9. That was hilarious I had a great time and I made loads of new friends. The guests were just as lovely and funny as ever, and I also liked the fact we all got the 2 intimate encounters, they were quite funny and interesting. The talks were all really good too. I loved being able to get away from school and exams and just have arelaxed weekend :) Looking forward to the Hub 7 already fingers crossed for John Barrowman!!
  10. This is just one of those Things with crewing, you sometimes have to make a decision before knowing for sure. You will need to choose before the 30th, I simply can't rota the crew based on maybes. I.e. I may want the morning or afternoon off. We will of course do our best to allow you to go to them but we can't garentee it. It's a chose you make when crewing I'm afraid. If you crew thr morning we will get you into any queues you need in the afternoon. If you crew the afternoon you will not need an entry ticket. Thanks :) well I'll probably get the afternoon off, as I doubt ALL 3 will have their photoshoots in the morning and if at least one is in the afternoon then that only leaves me with 2 things thanks
  11. Hi, At LFCC I want to crew a full day sunday, but only a half day saturday. On Saturday I have photoshoots with Karen, Shawnee and Camille, so I would like a half day off which ever side of the crewing day the majority of these fall in (if not all), however I obviously don't know yet which half of saturday it will be, and I doubt I will know the timings by the 30th?? Also, if I was crewing in the morning, regarding autographs, can I get virtual queue tickets at the start of the day, or do I have to wait till I finish my shift? (As there may be a chance Karen's could reach the limit or something?) and if I were crewing in the afternoon do I have to buy an entrance ticket? Thanks, Natalie
  12. May as well.... 21hours 29minutes.....
  13. We shall certainly miss him! Seems even sadder when we definitely know he cannot surprise us by turning up late again. I know!! It's like breaking tradition but hopefully showmasters will get him for the next one
  14. I don't know about anyone else, but with the Hub 6 starting in less that 72 hours (I think??) I'm getting quite excited!!! So I thought a way for us all to get excited even more, lets talk about what we're looking forward to, or what we've enjoyed at previous Hubs? This might sound pretty lame, but I love the opening ceremony, the way everythings all dark and the video thing plays with the music underneath, and everyone screams and claps It's just a really exciting and awesome atmosphere, haha, well I think so anyhow... So what are all of you excited about!?
  15. I'm either being thick here, or what's a 'tuff box'? Don't worry, I didn't know that either
  16. When I'm packing tomorrow I will most definitely refer back to this list
  17. Oops, I said I'm crewing a full day Saturday, but I mean Sunday But no, I'm not getting anything else, just this one if possible :)
  18. I've noticed I keep asking alot of questions... So here's my next one. In regards to CM17, I am crewing a full day Saturday, but have just seen that Alex Kingston has been announced and would LOVE to meet her. I'm not sure as to whether I would like a photo or auto yet, but I'd only get one or the other. Is it okay for me to do this, i.e - is it too late to say, or should I email someone now, or should I say on the day? Thanks. I hope that made sense... Natalie
  19. Niiiice but you missed out the fact he was the headmaster in Doctor Who...
  20. Toothpaste, shampoo, ect? I always nearly forget that stuff xD not good...
  21. At this time in 4 days...... WE GAWNNA BE PARTAYINGGGG!!! haha, sorry.
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