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  1. Lots of misinformation in here already. Firstly Alan is 100% legit. Secondly Bob Spiker does remember him and confirmed all his claims at a recent show in Germany. Thirdly if you watch the film there are shots of the Bantha with two Tuskens riding her. Also if you look on Youtube there is a video called Bantha Trouble showing Alan climbing aboard while Bob is already on her back. Also on Youtube you will find a video entitled Interview With A Tusken Raider where Alan shares his detailed memories of the shoot and his time working with Mardji the elephant. In the film, Bob is the one who run
  2. He did not do the voice, but I think he was one of the on-set stand ins for the Battle Droids before they were put in later via CGI
  3. Correct, she is the red haired Mosep in the cantina and street scenes. White hair is Eileen.
  4. Corrected, that should have said sat on the left not stood. Sorry for the confusion.
  5. The David Fennell name came from John Forgeham, he told a few people at one of the shows he attended that the guy next to him could have been David Fennell. He said that he knew David for a long time and that they could never work out where they first met. When asked who was next to him he jumped to the conclusion that he must have met David on SW as the time frame fit and so he gave that name to fans. He did not actually remember David being there, nor is there any evidence that David had anything to do with Star Wars. The call sheet for the scene names John Wreford alongside John Forgeha
  6. No the middle picture is of John Wreford who played Lt Hija. John Forgeham actually played Bolvan, I think over the years he's not been to sure which character he played and has said he played Hija thinking he did. Correct, Wreford was Hija and Forgeham was Bolvan. At previous events Forgeham either guessed or was told by fans that he played Hija. However, we have since found the call sheet in the K/J Archive which confirms which role was who, although obviously the character names were invented at a later date. The call sheet credits Wreford as 'Pilot' and Forgeham as 'Captain'.
  7. Hi, Sorry, I didn't see these posts until now. Hopefully you have seen on facebook by now that the last signer (Kenny Atherfold) has signed the prints. We apologise for how long this took, but the guy is so in demand in the British film industry that he works non-stop, 6 days a week. He really wanted to sign the prints but arranging a time when he could do it was an absolute nightmare. We eventually had to catch up with him on the set of Thor 2 to get the signing done. The prints have now been returned to the SM offices. They just need to be stamped, numbered and packed. I imagine th
  8. Gil Taylor and Kenny Atherfold are both signing these privately after the event, so they will be shipped out once those signings are done.
  9. Your best option may be parking at Tesco which is right next door to the studio as they have an enormous car park.
  10. He modelled some costumes at early fittings for Lucas when they were still in the concept stage, and worked in the costume department at Berman's. For those of you interested, the character name for his Imperial Officer in ESB is Commander Desanne.
  11. Guest/price list in first post has been updated. Regarding the costume question I am not sure but I wouldn't expect it to be a huge aspect of the show as space is limited.
  12. Unfortunately Tony will no longer be able to join us at Elstree due to a change in his schedule on the latest Bond film Skyfall. He is very sorry to be missing the event as he was looking forward to sharing his memories of 1976 with you all and seeing his old colleagues again. We hope to work with him at a future event.
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