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  1. I had no problem booking my ticket. Can't wait... lol
  2. Why can't the pre-paid Early bird tickets be cheaper than those buying them on the day? It makes sense seeing as buying on the day is quicker & gets you let in the same time & their queue is always shorter. Every year it's shorter... Plus at other events, paying on the day is more money.
  3. I think having a bigger venue would have solved so many problems this year. I think next year should have specific areas for seating or places to sit on the floor. Walking around endlessly for hours in a crowd without a rest, isn't my idea of fun. BUT THE GUESTS WERE GREAT SM! Even though I couldn't afford to see most of them...
  4. I only attend on Saturday & couldn't afford to meet all the guests I wanted to due to financial reasons, but I do have a few moans about the event. 1. I pre-booked an early bird ticket which meant joining the end of the queue right around the back of the venue. I think it took at least 30 mins to get inside. Yet those who chose to buy the early bird ticket on the day, had a shorter queue & were inside quicker. Most of the people in the queue near me were all in agreement that this was unfair. What's the point in buying the ticket early online if it meant entry was later than those buying on the day? 2. I feel the venue was too small. There was nowhere to sit and it was very claustrophobic. I actually became worried when I saw there was still huge queues outside still being let in despite this. It took about 10 mins for me to get from one side of the hall to the other due to the crowds. I don't know whether there was any aircon in the building, but it certainly didn't feel like it. 3. Collecting my photo shoot pictures was by far the worst experience of the day. I've been to SM events before where it was better organised. This time however crowds of people were just standing there several people deep & not letting anyone see if their photos had arrived. In the past the crew had moved people on, but not this time. It was a nightmare. I think the main problem with this event, was the lack of space which meant that there was no room for anything to be organised properly. At one point I sat on a dirty carpeted area to have my lunch because there was no seating, but almost got trodden on by a fan who had tried to step over me to get past. I really hope that SM organises the next LFCC better. The guests were ok, but the venue was too small, there was nowhere to sit & the crew didn't look like they knew what to do.
  5. You have heard of Sarcasm right? If you had walked off without him signing it he would have called you back, I pretty much spent the weekend at his and Gareth's table and know just how lovely he is. Yes of course I know what sarcasm is. But if I had of walked off then the only thing that would of brought me back would of been Kai chasing me. lol
  6. I wasn't too impressed with the dealer's stalls. Which is a good thing, coz otherwise I'd of been bankrupt by now! Did buy a few badges and an Edward scissors mug though. lol
  7. I only met the Torchwood guys (Gareth, Kai and John) at the event, and my favourite one of them all this time has to be the lovely Gareth. Not only was he completely adorable but we also shared a joke when he couldn't hear me mumble my name. lol Had an enjoyable huggy picture with him at the photoshoot (which I'm still recovering from) and when I met Gareth again the next day, he wrote something really hilarious on my torchwood talk photo before calling me a sweetie. Also had another pic taken at his table & he's just so cute and brilliant with his fans! lol I thought Kai was funny and a little strange. It was the 1st time I had met him for an auto and he pretended that he weren't going to sign for me for like over 5 mins, before writing something funny on my photo in mocking response to what Gareth had written. He did agree to pose for a photo though, so I'll forgive him for swigging from his can of booze. lol As for John on the other hand, I was quite disappointed. He used to be my favourite Torchwood guy, but this time around he seemed a little off. I had eye contact with him (a rarity) just before we posed at the photo shoot and he had such a serious look on his face when I smiled at him. And when I went to get his auto, he didn't even look at me, or acknowledge anything I said, and in fact turned around to chat with someone behind him as he signed. Made me wish I hadn't bothered to see him The only other moans were the layout of Sunday's Torchwood talk. I was sat behind a tall person so couldn't see the stage and I think the whole design of the talks should change. I would of had better view standing outside looking in & think the stage area should be higher. Also wasn't happy with the lack of places to sit at the venue, but apart from that I really enjoyed the event, and thought everyone (crew & fans etc) were very friendly, which is good. And yes I am now a big Ianto fan ... hey did I say that Gareth was adorable? lol
  8. I was quite impressed at how well last weekend's event went. SM & the crew were all very friendly and everything seemed to work the way it should. So thanks from me.
  9. Kai Owen greeting me when I went to get his auto with my limited edition Torchwood talk photo with the words "I'M NOT SIGNING THAT!" and he kept this up with a totally serious face for about 5 mins before agreeing to sign. Of course I knew he was joking, but what would he had done had I said fine & had walked away? lol He also wrote a mocking message to the one Gareth left me on the same photo. Think he also had an open can of lager on his table too. Very crazy but funny all the same.
  10. Here are mine... A couple more... Gareth and me Kai and me Ok I have to admit... Gareth really is adorable
  11. I have to queue up to get an admission ticket, so I'm hoping the same as you that Gareth's photoshoot don't sell out - coz he's the only person I want to meet on Saturday
  12. OK David, shall I start queuing now then? lol
  13. Yup I agree always a possibility. Thing is I see John a lot at various events and if I wanted a quick scrawl of JBarrowman I can easily get it at a stage door. I see events like Collectormania London not as an excuse to have a 20 minute chat with him at the table but as an opportunity to spend my 30 seconds of signing time to get items signed which you can't easily get signed over a barrier in the cold at a stage door. And they tend to be items that I would like personalised and therefore I'm quite happy to pay for the chance to get them signed properly. But if we're looking at a no personalisations rule then that's not much of an incentive to spend £20 per item when I could just man up and lug them to Cardiff panto instead. I'll be quite disappointed if he's not personalising as it all becomes a bit too much conveyor belt like at that point. Have to say of they were going to add another shoot they should have opted for the one that Torchwood fans would really appreciate - joint GDL/JB shoot. Yeah I agree with what you said. The last time I met JB at one of these events it was so rushed that I only managed to get a photo with him stood there like a statue with a fixed grin (poor guy) and he had no time to even look at the fans, let alone to greet them. And the auto was like a 2 second job with John looking stressed and not having time to acknowledge the fans. I think the extra photoshoot on the Sunday should of been a joint JB & GDL one as well. I was only wanting to see those guys, so now it means I have to attend both days, which I'm not totally complaining about. But it means I will have to queue to hopefully get a Saturday entry ticket, but will there be enough photo tickets left for the GDL photo session? If not then my day will be ruined as well as my pocket... Not sure what to do to be honest?
  14. I'm 129. Hope there aren't that many tall people in front of me... lol
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