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  1. Since I came to uni a lot of people have been surprised when I've mentioned conventions etc, they don't seem to consider me a geek untill that point despite the fact that Im a computer science student and order more boxsets off play.com than anyone else in our flat. Saying that, they're greatful for borrowing out of my dvd library KIWI
  2. ciaraemarie


    Ok I read this announcement and frantically bought a train ticket to manchester for Saturday!!! I can't wait!!
  3. ciaraemarie

    Which County are YOU from

    Same! I'm from Romford, even though I recently moved to Birmingham.
  4. ciaraemarie

    Prison Break - Season 3 Premiere

    Definately, that's what I found. Last season was a bit of a mess, it felt a bit disorganised so it's going to be great to watch it return to its old self. Michaels prison break out of Sona is bound to be an exciting season
  5. ciaraemarie

    People coming from B'ham?

    Oh brilliant, that sounds perfect.
  6. ciaraemarie

    People coming from B'ham?

    Thanks!! Looks like the 5:30am service will be the best bet.
  7. ciaraemarie

    People coming from B'ham?

    I'm moving to Birmingham this week, so I'll be travelling to C12 from there rather than London where I currently live. I'm hoping to go to C12 on the Sunday, because of the Greg Grunberg photo session but I've done a train search and there is no trains running early enough! Is there a different route I should be aware of? A special bus service? Is there anyway to get to MK for about 8:30am without having to stay over the night before? Many Thanks
  8. ciaraemarie

    Photos - how we plan to get them to you

    Same, my Sunday session Dom photo is wanted lol. I did leave a sheet with a very detailed description and my adress on the day. Are the thumbnails going online or will the photo be on its way?
  9. ciaraemarie

    Milo, Adrian, and future events with Showmasters

    I'd love to see them at another event soon. Having so many Heroes guests prompted me to go home and start watching the series, I'm up to episode 9 now and I LOVE it, and Peter Petrelli is my favourite character. I'm gutted I had the oppertunity to meet them but didn't, I knew I'd be kicking myself when I finally watched the show. Bring Milo and Adrian back:)
  10. ciaraemarie

    answers to some of the comments about the event

    Can't wait to see EC2 again is all I can say lol
  11. ciaraemarie

    A message for the complainers

    Okay, so you expect to be given the right to complain and not get insulted, but yet you insult others who did not have issues, and most have even tried to explain things to some people who had issues? As David said, statements like these are really helping - not. So as soon as someone has a negative opinion it gets shot down? Just being honest....
  12. ciaraemarie

    Your Ideal 'Lockdown' Lineup

    Id be happy about that because of his connection with The OC
  13. ciaraemarie

    A message for the complainers

    Everyone has the right to complain without facing masses of insults from others, if you don't like what there saying, why don't people just leave it? Some people are so far up SM's arses, I'm convinced SM's pay them to put in a good word.....
  14. ciaraemarie

    The LFCC 07 Awards.

    That T shirt was brilliant think i might have to get one, lol. That's well good. I wanna get one printed up!!
  15. ciaraemarie

    How cool is this...

    Yeah I read about this, I'm such a DLM fan too so having him at this event is like the double whammy