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  1. amandaa34

    HOTEL CODE- Not working

    "Well yes" i wouldnt be booking for next year when its not been announced I just called again, they said they will not be releasing anymore for massive events now, they are fully booked at the con rate. Im not happy at all.
  2. amandaa34

    HOTEL CODE- Not working

    Any chance you could add some more rooms for the hotel, I have tried several times and they keep telling me there are no more rooms allocated for the event.
  3. amandaa34

    Latest Guest Announcement - LINDSAY PULSIPHER

    fantastic news, xx
  4. amandaa34


    I bought 4 tickets on Tuesday 24th July, payment has still not been taken, just wondering when it will be processed, as I know you are sending reg letters out this week.
  5. amandaa34

    Update your details!

    Hi yvie My payment for 4 tickets has still not been processed, getting quite worried now.
  6. amandaa34

    Latest Guest Announcement - TARA BUCK

    brillaint news
  7. amandaa34

    Not bought your ticket yet?

    Hey Loz Choose True Blood, you met most of Hallowhedon guests i expect. Been to all Bittens so far, so has Amanda and doing this one too. Choose TRUE BLOOD lol Tara come to bitten ( loonies reunion woo hoo ) Amanda xx
  8. amandaa34

    News anybody, news?

    I would prefer a change to fangtasia, 2 years in a row, time for a change i think.
  9. amandaa34

    Massive Events Twitter Account

    brill, I am now following you, I am @Ardleyweddings
  10. amandaa34

    Latest Guest Announcement - DENIS O'HARE

    arrrhhhh i so cant wait, need to sort out my ticket, wont be till next month tho.
  11. amandaa34

    Bitten 3 Website

    2011 date. shouldnt it be 2012 lol
  12. amandaa34

    Really want to go!

    If you can get to Euston Station for the 13.13 train you can travel with myself and my daughter and friend. then you wont be lonely hun. amanda
  13. amandaa34

    Season 4....

    where did you see ep 2 ? doesnt it air on a sunday eveing on HBo we only just had ep 1 didnt we. or am I behind.
  14. amandaa34

    Season 4....

    hasnt season 3 just started on fx last night.
  15. amandaa34

    Con Newbie Asking Questions

    I used a bank card last time, and they were fine with that even tho it didnt have photographic id. I wouldnt worry. as long as it has your name on you will get your registration pack.