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  1. Hi everyone, what ist the best and fastest way from Airport to the Hotel? Is there a bus to the hotel? Greetings Jürgen
  2. Great guest!! @Paul - She played the lover of General Gogol in Moonraker!!
  3. Again so many Bond guests please: Daniela Bianchi, Aliza Gur, Tania Mallet, Shirley Eaton, Claudine Auger, Akiko Wakabayashi, Mia Hama, Karin Dor, Gabrielle Ferzetti, Virginia North, Mona Chong, Dani Sheridan, Anoushka Hempel, Zara, Ingrit Back, Helena Ronee, Jill St John, Putter Smith, Bruce Glover, Lola Larson, Yaphet Kotto, Clifton James, Tommy Lane, Lon Satton, Barbara Bach, Nadim Sawalha, Francoise Gayat, Nicaise Jean Louis, Christina Hui, Leila Shenna, Topol, William Heyland, Kabir Bedi, Michaela Clavell, Tina Hudson, William Derrick, Ken Norris, Carolyn Seaward, Janine Andrews, Joni Flynn, Barbara Carrera, Kim Basinger, Bernie Casey, Pamela Salem, Prunella Gee, Saskia Cohen Tanugi, Jill Meager, Patrick Bauchau, Alison Doody, Kell Tyler, Dulice Liecier, Glyn Baker, Carey Lowell, Talisa Soto
  4. Hi Showmaster! Thanks to so many of my wishes have been fulfilled! Greetings Jürgen
  5. Great guest!! Is there any chance that she will also be on saturday?
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