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  1. Great idea. I had not heard of this guy until your post. It turns out he was on Shift #1 as Flight Director on Apollo 13. Obviously an unsung hero. Would love to meet him.
  2. Not sure how much we spent but I was refused a mortgage on a second jacket potato at the restaurant and had to settle for one. :Hee Hee!
  3. How about one, some or all of the below? Gene Kranz Glynn Lunney Gerry Griffin Chris Kraft
  4. How about a Professionals Reunion with Bodie and Doyle!
  5. Mercury, Gemini & Apollo Astronaut Walter M. Schirra as died at the age of 84. Go to http://www.nasa.gov/vision/space/features/...er_schirra.html for more information.
  6. Well done Dave & Garry. Best Autographica yet. We arrived on Saturday about 8.30am and had no problems parking. After collecting our Gold Passes and VQ Tickets. There was just a short wait till the 'doors' opened. We met Bruce McCandless first (who was the main reson we was going) and then the rest of the astronauts & cosmosnaut including Jim Lovell and Fred Haise. It was also a real pleasure to meet the two RAF pilots George 'Johnny' Johnson & Eric 'Winkle' Brown who were very polite and friendly as indeed was everyone including the other collectors which we met. 'Johnny' Jo
  7. That's great can't wait!!!!! P.S. Sorry to be pedantic but it's 'Concorde' not 'Concord' (Well according to Tony Benn and the French anyway!)
  9. I'm going! I have a Gold Pass as this looks like it will be the best one ever. The opportunity to meet such important people in history is fantastic and doesn't come around too often! Well done Dave & Garry thanks for all your hard work.
  10. Look out for a documentary called 'Flight Fantastic' on Discovery Wings (Sky 524). It is about supersonic aircraft and breaking the sound barrier and has an interview with Capt. Eric Brown.
  11. Just noticed this provisional announcement for Autographica on another site. Bruce McCandless (STS-41B, STS-31)
  12. Great Guest! How about Fred Haise, Frank Borman or Bill Anders? (P.S. Capt. Jim Lovell was Backup for Geminis 4 & 9)
  13. Wally Schirra (Mercury 7) Al Bean (Apollo 12) Gene Cernan (Gemini & Apollo 17 Last man on moon so far) Gene Kranz (NASA Flight Director) Valentina Tereshkova (Cosmonaut - First Woman in Space)
  14. GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 Now I can have my 'The Right Stuff' photo signed!
  15. I remember from last time that the MSPG prices were a "very rough guide" as I noted down their prices from their website, deducted £10 from each only to find the prices for autos were nowhere near! Mind you I was only going for Astronaut autos so maybe that's where the discrepency occurred.
  16. The Astronauts last year were for the most part charging £35*, that's £30 for the auto and £5 for the photo as they bring their own photos and are not supplied by the organisers/ *(except Buzz Aldrin who was about £90 to £110+ depending on the message on your auto).
  17. la la - la - la the rinky dink panther
  18. I've just read that Norman Wisdom is going to be in Eastenders (Daily Express)
  19. Hi, does anyone know where or if I can get hold of a 10x8 photo of "The Right Stuff" or of Lance Henricksen in that film. He played Wally Schirra. Thanks.
  20. My photos were personalised at C6 as well and I found her to be very pleasent. I did vote maybe but this is now a yes as there is a particular photo I would like her to sign.
  21. I didn't think it was hard to get to either. Let's face it, it doesn't matter where you put an event it will always be harder for some and easier for others.
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