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  1. I've sen Linkin Park, Dragon Force, Kylie Minogue, Bullet for my Valentine, El Divo, Kilswitch Engaged.
  2. Somewhere that isn't overpriced and tacky though *Stayed in disney land for an I.T conference with my brother and it was HORRIFIYING
  3. I got a few t-shirts, chloe annetts auto and a few small final fantasy figures.
  4. idolgaming

    This or That

    Night. Red Dwarf or Blackadder?
  5. idolgaming

    Last Post Wins?

    *dances the winning dance*
  6. So therefore cosplay is being sorted as well. woo.
  7. So it's safe to say it's quite a way to go....
  8. Ooh sounds fun. I'm arranging for myself and friends to go the LFCC in July.
  9. strangely enough I already know that. lol. I was just double checking. *pokes again* So.....I'm bored.
  10. I agree with the sig of meeting Zach Braff. games moderator I assume you mean?
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