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  1. You may have heard of Tyler Dunivan, the talented Marty McFly impersonator from the US. Tyler has only just recently started impersonating Michael J. Fox/Marty McFly full time, recently made an appearance at the Las Vegas Car Stars Back to the Future reunion event, and is trying desperately to raise funds or to be invited to attend LFCC as a guest to take part in the Back to the Future celebrations. Here are some great YouTube videos of Tyler being Marty. You really need to check these out, he is spookily spot on: https://youtu.be/JkNj40_1y1c https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e9T_Fk687Bk bitly.com/Tyler-Needles bit.ly/Tyler-history There are more videos on his Facebook page: on.fb.me/1ESWV5z So BTTF Fans – I ask a little favour. If you would like to see Tyler Dunivan at this year’s LFCC, please let the powers that be know how you feel and 'sign' here by posting a quick reply to this thread, to let Showmasters know what you think of Tyler and that you would like to see him at LFCC. I think he'd also be a great addition for anyone who didn't manage to get hold of/couldn't afford to purchase a Michael J. Fox ticket. Thanks for your time! PS sorry if this should have gone in the 'guest suggestions' thread, but he's technically a cosplayer/impersonator and not a movie/tv show actor or writer/illustrator, so I thought the post would get a little lost if I put it in there.
  2. I noticed that too! I am really torn between buying one or upgrading my shoots to one. It would be on the plastic and I really shouldn't. Really REALLY shouldn't. But it's The Fox. What to dooo what to doooo??
  3. Great thanks etmuse. I am more than happy to wait, that's all I needed to know. :)
  4. My friends have received a diamond pass manually in the post and I haven't. I have emailed almost 2 weeks ago to the shop@showmasters address and no reply Please can someone let me know the wait time or if indeed I will receive a pass? This is my first time attending one of these, I am trying to read as much as possible to prepare, I am solely coming for all the BTTF guests and just want to make sure I am doing it all correctly as it's a lot of dosh if I'm not! :) Thanks for any help NVM, the very nice etmuse answered this for me in another post. Vicky
  5. Hello QS or any other Mod here. I have emailed the shop a couple of times now regarding my CL pass and have not had a response in almost 2 weeks now. I have friends who have received a lanyard in the post to go with their pass. I have not. I hope I am going to receive one too. Please can someone let me know if this will happen? I know you guys are busy so if someone can let me know the average wait time for email responses I would much appreciate it. Many thanks! :)
  6. Heeeey all, this is my first post and Dear Showmaster Santa, I have been a very good girl and so I want... X Files cast - specifically, David, Gilly, Mitch, Nick Lea, William B. Davis Also, to top off your AMAZING Back to the Future guestlist... BOB GALE! I would love to see Tom Wilson or Crispin but I don't think, given their BTTF-conflicts it would be achievable but hey, you got Foxy, so literally ANYTHING is possible. Billy Zane would be randomly really cool too for BTTF fans and more. Thanks for your time. PS I LOVE YOU BECAUSE I AM GOING TO MEET MICHAEL J. FOX. That is all. PPS I LOVE YOU!
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