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  1. This is just amazing. Labyrinth is one of my all time favourite films.
  2. Thank you Showmasters, my fave hobbit & such a lovely guest. Now reminiscing back to the times Sean & other LOTR actors were with us at earlier Collectormanias & what first got me into the world of Showmasters.
  3. Loving this, have been wishing for it since Hannah was announced. Thank you.
  4. Absolutly my favourite Walking Dead character, love you Showmasters.
  5. Forgot I was only a few days behind you in joining the forum Sah. By Sept/Oct time it'll be 8years crewing as well!
  6. I second Purple Vamp, adorable and a great guest.
  7. Very very very happy here. Been a fan since Deathwatch (scary that the movie was nearly a decade ago now).
  8. Yay Tbag, so amazingly excited by this announcement!!! Woohoo
  9. Have fun at EMS everyone, I'll be thinking of you from the land of Mickey Mouse and co.
  10. Love Jeffrey ...wierdly I remember dancing with him late on the Sat night when he was last over for a Collectormania.
  11. 5 hours til I leave the office, yay and hopefully only another 2 until I arrive.
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