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  1. I'm sorry for the ones with a ticket.. but about the guests.. I've heard it many times that you will get the guests on another event.. hayden, emerson, quinto.. and none of them attended.. ??
  2. you already gave out hints and a promise of an amazing guest, so why can't you announce it? Even if this guest wouldn't send the contract or will not be attending the attendes reading this forum would like to know who this person was?!
  3. if you just had get through with Abrams Inc. you would have had the half amount of gutted people. My flight to this unintended vacation in England leaves tomorrow. I hope I can make the best of it.
  4. deleted by my own - none of my business
  5. so SM, with these 3 guests and the amount of sold tickets, are you doing much better than if you had pulled Abrams Inc. through? Or is it even a bigger loss?
  6. Bregi

    Abrams Inc Refunds

    There's something I don't understand.. until now noone ever paid money ON the creditcard.. how do I see if it arrived? Or how can I access the money? I paid it with an credit slip from my conto. The credit card runs through my father. Hope somebody can help
  7. Me too, Michael is worth everything I'm paying for that weekend (And I really have NOT a lot of money, but LOST is the greatest thing for me, and Michael is the greatest one in LOST.) And I don't think that I would have another chance to meet him than that. I bought my ticket on the first day they went on sale, and so far I don't regret anything, because this one guest is more than I ever imagined :)
  8. I'm already doing a LOST-ReWatch I'm at season 1 episode 14 :)
  9. Yes, I agree too with Lizzy. The fact that we don't hear anything, might not be the best case. But not the worst either. I think it means that they are discussing something, and for the fact that they didn't tell us yet, means they haven't decided yet.
  10. 4 8 (15 16 23 42) days to go :)
  11. And what shall people like me do who spent a lot on their flights etc. already?!?!? I want this convention to take place for any reason.
  12. As Lambourne said, Bregi, MikeD was just joking... he's just one of us, not one of SM lol Ah ok.. I don't see what all your 'badges' mean damn it
  13. Hmm, I don't get it, isn't the post from MikeDonovan something official?
  14. Thank you very much MikeDonovan. Saved the day =)
  15. Yea I'm already considering what to do in worstcase.. I mean I have my flight booked to Luton, so I need quickly to know what is going on, maybe I can get a connecting flight to another country which I'm more interested in. But that's not how I want it to happen
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