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    Guest Experiences From The Weekend

    I'd just like to second the praise for Robert Patrick, absolute hero of a man. I was wearing an X file cross over t shirt with star wars given to me by my girlfriend which he actually took his phone out and took a photo of. He couldn't have done more for people and was all round excellent experience.
  2. Eoin2211

    Guest Experiences From The Weekend

    Joe Flanigan was saying during his talk about how they threw him a birthday party last night. I’d be thinking he was hung over, met him yesterday and he was in good form
  3. No bother, unfortunately I can’t help you with Matthew but Robert isn’t a diamond guest. I think the gold ticket allows you in 5 minutes earlier to get VQs which wouldn’t be of much help to you. I wouldn’t be saying oh you definitely won’t get them (in fact I’d be thinking a lot of people have already met him the past two days) but obviously other people here are more experienced then me
  4. Eoin2211

    New Attendees Advice Thread

    I managed to do all this today! Other then swapped Bob Gale for some others! Pretty happy with how it all went
  5. Hi dark night, today was my first time ever going to an event like this of any kind. I got to the event at about 8:15, managed to meet Hayden Christensen, Billy Dee Williams, Jason Momoa, Brendan Fraiser, (had an Ian Mc D diamond pass) and a host of Stargate actors. I’d advise being there early, but if you’re able to stay till closing then do. Tiring day but I didn’t miss out on anyone (interested in Robert myself)
  6. Eoin2211

    Entry points and pass collection

    Hi All, heading in tomorrow with a general ticket, can I queue up get VQs (hopefully) and the. Come out get my DP and head back in?
  7. Stop spotted it there haha, cheers thanks. Would love a transfer to the throne!
  8. Hi All, may be blind but can't seem to see Ian McDiarmid's photoshoot here other then the throne? Is he now in the throne for all photos? (would be delighted if so!)
  9. Eoin2211

    New Attendees Advice Thread

    Thanks a lot for your help much appreciated!
  10. Eoin2211

    New Attendees Advice Thread

    Thanks for your help, last question!(I hope!) I see the diamond pass includes a standard photo, can I upgrade this to the photo of him in the throne? Or is this a case of talk to a staff member at the event?
  11. Eoin2211

    New Attendees Advice Thread

    Thanks, regardless of time waiting, if I buy a diamond pass now for Ian, I will meet him regardless if it's in the evening?
  12. Eoin2211

    New Attendees Advice Thread

    Thanks for that, with regards to the diamond pass, is it a case of that all the diamond passes are guaranteed and that potentially nobody without one will get to meet them?
  13. Eoin2211

    New Attendees Advice Thread

    Hi All, First time going to a convention of any sort! Basically I'm looking to do autographs (don't know if I will do any photos). I'll be there Saturday and Sunday. People I want to meet are Joe Flanigan ian McDiarmid Billy Dee Williams Jason Momoa Hayden Christensen Brendan Fraser Robert Picardo Bob Gale And possibly a few more depending on queues etc When I get in I know there are Virtual Queue tickets being given out. Is it realistic to get all these on the Saturday? Are the Virtual Queue tickets gone for the day within minutes of opening? And how do you actually know when your virtual queue ticket is being called? Thanks!