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  1. MrsCorleone

    Latest Guest Announcement - ALEX KINGSTON

    Spoilers. :)
  2. MrsCorleone

    Entry points and pass collection

    Juppiiiiiiiii! Mrs. Corleone likes!
  3. MrsCorleone

    Answers to FAQ

    I dont believe that.. I just dont like those kind of answers to a normal question.
  4. MrsCorleone

    Answers to FAQ

    Any news on the Pre-Show-Pass-Pickup?
  5. God, I almost fall from the couch when I saw it on Facebook. Thought he cancelled for a second. Do we already know the time for friday? Already have my op for Saturday, but Friday is tempting now :)
  6. MrsCorleone

    Preliminary Schedule UPDATED 10/07

    15 Photo Ops and it works out perfect for me every day...now I cross my fingers that everybody will attend :)
  7. MrsCorleone

    General Chat

    This year is gonne be amazing! True Story!
  8. MrsCorleone

    Preliminary Schedule UPDATED 10/07

    Awesome..hope for a more detailed one and Sunday pretty soon. Some guests I want to meet are still missing on this one, so I wait to the next schedule and then I decided on which day I will buy a phot. OMG I am so excited this year! I will meet Brendan Fraser and Zachary Quinto - ahhhhhhh!!
  9. MrsCorleone


    Nice! Will meet her! :)
  10. One of the best announcements ever!!!! I LOOOOOOOOOVE the new Star Trek stuff!!! WOHOOO!!! Would be very awesome if he would bring his boss or his doctor, too ;)
  11. MrsCorleone

    Guest Suggestions

    Band of Brothers or/and Deadwood Cast!! :)
  12. MrsCorleone

    Guest Days & Prices LFCC 2019

    Timothy Olyphant is missing..oh he is not announced yet... But I also cant see Brendan Fraser, Kirk Acevedo and you have to update Shatner..he does the captains chair shooting, too!
  13. MrsCorleone

    Guest Suggestions

    Finished Deadwood-The movie right now. Waited more than 10 years for that fantastic piece of TV history and hope for finally some Deadwood Cast. Please get Timothy Olyphant , Ian McShane, Kim Dickens, Paula Malcomson, Molly Parker, Robin Weigert...and and and :)
  14. MrsCorleone


    More Band of Brothers please! I am freaking out right now. First you got my sweet Brendan Fraser and now Kirk. Photo Ops for all three days for me :)
  15. I think its finally time for Timothy Olyphant