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  1. Fantastic. More of these classic guests please! I love 70s, 80s, 90s announcements!!! Price is great!
  2. MrsCorleone

    Guest Suggestions

    Friendly Reminder: Some Deadwood, Justified, Band of Brothers or North and South cast would be fantastic! :)
  3. MrsCorleone


    Cool! Eion Bailey next please :)
  4. MrsCorleone


    OH I was so excited..I didnt even see it :) Thanks!!!
  5. MrsCorleone


    AWESOME!!! Finally I will meet him. Already bought two photo ops with him for friday and sunday. This makes four so far. (Shatner, Jenna and John²)
  6. MrsCorleone

    Latest Guest Announcement - JENNA COLEMAN

    Juppi - my second photo op! NIIIIIIIICE!!!
  7. MrsCorleone

    Latest Guest Announcement - WILLIAM SHATNER

    Yes it is :) I dont love Star Trek so much, that I would go to a Star Trek con (except Chris Pine is going ) But I like Star Trek and I am very happy that they got William Shatner, because he is a legend and I hope for more Star Trek guests.
  8. MrsCorleone

    Guest Suggestions

    So with Shatner announced I really hope Showmasters will get some more Star Trek actors. I prefer the new Enterprise crew with Chris Pine, Karl Urban, Zachary Quinto, Simon Pegg and as bonus Jonathan Frakes :)
  9. MrsCorleone

    Latest Guest Announcement - WILLIAM SHATNER

    PS: Well done Showmasters! More Star Trek..what about a duo with the "old" and the "new" Kirk? A girl can dream.
  10. MrsCorleone

    Latest Guest Announcement - WILLIAM SHATNER

    Shatner - wohoooooooooo! My first photo op for LFCC 2019 :)
  11. MrsCorleone

    General Chat

    Oh dear, I need some good words. I really would love to go to Spring con. Already booked my hotel (with storno option), but so far not one guest for me. I am struggling with myself to buy the flights anyway and hope for some more guests or if I skip this one. But I was so looking forward to go to England again - without heatwave and stuff. :) Just tell me that the line up is not even close to be finished. I have no doubt that they will bring some guests for me, but well I have a low at the moment :)
  12. MrsCorleone

    Guest Suggestions

    Godfather reunion.. I would die of joy!!!
  13. MrsCorleone

    Guest Suggestions

    Finally Deadwood will get a movie in 2019. So what about some of the cast? Like: Timothy Olyphant!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ian McShane Robin Weigert Paula Malcomson Jim Beaver Garret Dillahunt Anna Gunn Molly Parker ...and and and :)
  14. MrsCorleone

    General Chat

    3 Day entry ticket booked - wohoooooooooooo! :)
  15. MrsCorleone

    No Gold Tickets?

    Sold out before going on sale :) Think they just need some time to fix everything.