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  1. MORE SONS OF ANARCHY!!! - and still hope for Timothy Olyphant.
  2. You already announced my number 2 on my wish list: Kim Coates There is just one left now: My number one Timothy Olyphant!
  3. The Kim Coates Shop is still not fixed for Friday and Saturday. You cant choose any Batches. Sunday is fine.
  4. Nice guest. Will come for the Sons of Anarchy, but meeting Lucifer is a must, too :)
  5. I have a problem with booking Kim Coates tickets. If u use the app you just can book sunday. If you try it on pc it doesnt show you the "Batches options" on friday and saturday. You just can go directly to "buy tickets" - which I didnt do so far, because I dont have the Batch number on my ticket then. Maybe eventbrite has a little problem at the moment. :/
  6. Awesome. Sons of Anarchy guests are always the best. I hope for another legendary group picture
  7. Wow...he is the best announcement you could make. Met him two weeks ago and he is the nicest and best guest ever. I am still over the moon after meeting him and his announcement was my only X--Mas wish... So thanks a lot and Merry Christmas! :)
  8. Please get the the Sons of Anarchy guys for London ...at least Kim Coates. If Kim is coming, I will be back for sure!
  9. Final Season of Supernatural.....time for the cast to join London!
  10. I hope for. Band of Brothers, Justified, Supernatural and Deadwood guest. Also some legends like James Caan last year. For ex. Loretta Swit from MASH - she told me she would come if she gets an invitation.
  11. 1. Timothy Olyphant (Deadwood, Justified, Santa Clarita Diet) 2. Loretta Swit (MASH) 3. Rick Gomez (Band of Brothers)
  12. I hope for some more "Godfather" guests and for Loretta Swit (Major Houlihan from MASH). She already told me she would come, if she gets an invitation. Then still hoping for: Justified, Band of Brothers, Deadwood and Supernatural guests :)
  13. I dont believe that.. I just dont like those kind of answers to a normal question.
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