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  1. Plus it can be hard to really know what someone has done over the years, especially if we stretch back to the 60’s and 70’s. Harrison did a signing (tour I am not sure, but more than once) with Mark and Carrie with the release of the first SW. But I would like to see this clue as straight never done a Con auto/photo á la SM which opens more doors for guests suggestions.
  2. True, I mean no harm with what I said but I get jumpy all the time when I hear words like legendary or super when this is so much up to taste of genre, personal thoughts and so on. I am happy for each and every guests who come to LFCC, each a legend of their own and I am lucky to be given the chance to meet them all. Harrison (IF it is him) is a legend, not only for SW but Indy and loads of other movies. So important to be prepered that it might not be the legend you think it is, hope for.
  3. I will talk you out of it, got until July
  4. Dont tempt me!! I have seriously been thinking about it, even looked it up. Last year I visited Hobbiton so next is GoT, then I can die with a smile on my face.
  5. Depends on who you ask, what is legendary? For me it could be one certain guest, for you someone else, for a third a totally different one. Multi-genre cons are very much up to what you think. I am not saying DR is legendary guest, but for someone it could be. Well, we just have to wait and see on Wednesday if it is a legendary guest. In my view.
  6. Frustrating then fun I remember someone suggested Daisy Ridley earlier, cant find it.. dunno if she has done con autos or photo ops.. perhaps exclusives and such. But a really nice add to us SW fans. And she has a lead in it.
  7. A friend of mine at work suggested Jeffrey Dean Morgan.. Yes, I am getting my job involved.
  8. My favourite though is hard to bring with me to the con, that is a half blood grape with honey on top of it, then eat it with a spoon.
  9. I am a big fruit eater myself, so perhaps that is why I like it. Last years lfcc I had fruit with me, and water. Kept me going until the evening. Mainly citrus though.
  10. True, and my favourite bread.. one reason of many I look forward going back to Wales, Bara Brith.
  11. Weeeeellll, not quiet. Two weeks before xmas.
  12. I have noticed, on myself to begin with, thst overthinking is pretty easy. So, I agree. I am with @Raylenth on this new idea.
  13. Well, it is not far so we’ll see.
  14. True! I see it like this, it will be amazing whoever it might be. Even though it wont be mine or anyone elses cup of tea it will be a dream come true for loads of others. Then we shall not forget more than one will be announced on Wednesday so there might be, still, something for each and everyone of us.
  15. @R4wly97 Who doesnt have a crush on Bellatrix?! I agree, she is a fantastic actress and a dream to meet.
  16. @R4wly97And I always wanted a hug from Bellatrix Lestrange
  17. @R4wly97I am actually staying in the UK a week after LFCC, I am off work until August 20th though, but got nothing planned except putting my body back in order on Monday after the event at the spa in Bath.
  18. It worries me, if so many suggest, thinks, believes it is Mr. Ford and it turns out it wont be. Building up to something and then..?
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