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  1. I was 16.. So much happened that year. Chernobyl, Challenger disaster and our PM shot and killed.
  2. Not about winning. But to be honest..I have had it easy to get them over the passed 15 years.
  3. Or like my Natalie into twen... more than five.
  4. Tree comes up on the 23rd..day before xmas here. The rest will come up around St. Lucia day on the 13th. But I have cut down alot on it this year.
  5. Signing his new album at HMV Westfield on Dec 4th at 5:30pm.
  6. I remember when it happened so well. All the information we got at school etc etc
  7. Excellent! Another GoT to my collection. Booked a photo op as well, and I must say that thIs ticket got the most complex name I have seen on a photo op ticket. ”Brenock O\x27Connor”
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