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  1. I will look into if a Translation possible.
  2. I will try to work something out, but no promises.
  3. If you remember I wrote a while ago about that my interest in going to comic-cons would end up in a magazine. Well, here it is. The issue came out today. Yes, in swedish.
  4. Well, less to break. Tiny bit less weight.. But I guess the Bear had other more practical reason.
  5. I’d better not taking it further.
  6. No, we are not. We are not worthy such an honourable title.
  7. A friend of mine saw the new Star Wars one minute passed midnight this passed night .. Had premiere here today at that hour. The next showing was 10am. I was supposed to go but I have pushed it to Saturday instead due to work. I was so tired this night at work so I would probably have fallen asleep.
  8. Close History Channel’s ”Vikings”. It is on its sixth and final season now. After that I can sell my tv. GoT is gone, Vikings too then..
  9. @VikingGrrrl Do you?! . @R4wly97 A hint!
  10. mmm.... horror.. Def gonna watch some horror now.
  11. Well.... https://youtu.be/6Xsqw9ZhM9Q
  12. Linda Hunt Everett McGill Kristen Johnston
  13. Her own songs are amazing. Seen her in concert as solo artist as well, but that was many years ago.
  14. In my opinion, and many others, more important to the music industry here than ABBA. Plus both had, Per still do, a strong solo career. Per just finished off a 40th anniversary final tour with his band he started before Roxette.
  15. @R4wly97 She had an amazing career here beyond Roxette, singing in her native language. Mostly ballads. I found one of her later songs with english subtitles. Hope you like it. https://youtu.be/TxHCSHSRl84
  16. 61 is no age. She has been sick long. I saw them live three times '86, '95 and the last time in 2015. Marie was singing sitting on a chair. They had to help her to walk on and off the stage. The voice was not as strong as it used to be but what can you expect. But the glow was there. Her last tour.. Per Gessle said this to a newspaper here: (Translated the best I could): "Time goes by so fast. It feels like just recently when Marie and I sat in my little apartment in Halmstad and shared dreams. And what a fantastic dream we got to share! Thank you Marie, thank you for EVERYTHING. You were a truly unique musician, a singer on a level we will hardly ever experience again. You painted my black and white songs with the most beautiful colors. You were a wonderful friend for over forty years. I am proud, honored and happy to have shared so much of your time, your talent, your warmth, generosity and humor. All my love for you and your family. Things will never be the same.”
  17. Sad day here in Sweden. Marie Fredriksson of Roxette have passed away.
  18. So far: Charles Dance: auto/photo Indira Varma: auto/photo Bella Ramsey: auto/photo Tom Hopper: maybe auto/photo Brenock O’Connor: auto/photo Sala Baker: auto/photo Mark Stanley: maybe auto/photo
  19. From my day at a comic-con Michael Biehn: Michael Madsen: Natalia Tena:
  20. Not at Olympia. I’d better not say too much as it isnt a SM event, though much smaller in every way. Had a great time meeting all the guests I wanted to meet.
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