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  1. So excited for oval office photo shoot I think it's the only TV programme I have rewatched multiple times best show ever let Bartlet be Bartlet... Hoping to find my son a suit and cut a tie like Abby Bartlet did
  2. I got his vq ticket this morning and now I can't find him.
  3. With a 9 month old fingers crossed I get it but it will take some time to get to him with a buggy
  4. But I want his autograph and I think it's going to be hard lol
  5. Thank you.. he gets nasty when he doesn't have his milk.. Didn't fancy going back to the hotel to get it lol
  6. Are we allowed to bring drinks in.? Will be bringing my 10 month old and he will need his milk
  7. Yeessss had to buy Sunday entry just for his photo!!! I am.so excited thank you showmasters
  8. Hahahahahaha he has just started standing I could take his walker I guess lol
  9. Hey guys... Taking my 10 month old... we only want to get 2 autos and we have 2 photo ops... is a pushchair best or a baby carrier? Anyone have experience of taking a baby? We are staying in the Hilton next to Olympia so we plan to head back to the hotel when it's really busy.
  10. Taking my 10 month old to LFCC does anyone have any tips we only want to get 2 autographs and have 2 photo ops... am I best to take a buggy or a baby carrier? Do you queue in the general queue or a different queue due to them having to search a buggy? Thank you
  11. Just ordered my photo op .. just got my baby boys elf outfit out ready for the photo
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