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  1. Ledbytheunknown

    Anyone going alone

    Thank you. We're staying on property so we get in I think an hour early so we're going to Wizarding World 1st. oh and my Aunt is going to be a volunteer t the convention. She's excited she won't have to sit in the room all day while I am at the convention lol
  2. Ledbytheunknown


    I'm arriving Thursday Morning. Hoping to go to Santa Monica Pier once checked in.
  3. Ledbytheunknown

    Anyone going alone

    I love universal every time I am in LA I HAVE to go. Looking forward to Wizarding world
  4. Ledbytheunknown

    Latest Guest Announcement - MARK GATISS

    very excited for this!
  5. Ledbytheunknown

    Shout out if you've booked!

    I got the Gold. I really wanted to get the VIP but I'm Canadian and the exchange rate is not the greatest and so I saved my little heart out for the Gold...... and now I get the extra shifts at work that would have helped get the VIP lol
  6. Ledbytheunknown

    Anyone going alone

    As of right now I am going to the convention alone but my aunt is coming to LA with me (we're going to universal for a few days after the con) I have done conventions alone in the past but I also like sharing the experience with others. But I have made some really good friends form going to Conventions alone.