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  1. Absolutely DESPERATE for Bill Moseley to come back to the UK! Would really love anyone from Riverdale, Scream (films and TV show), Scream Queens, Shadow Hunters or Pretty Little Liars. Would also like to see Tobin Bell return, as well as Robert Englund <3
  2. Film wise I'd love to meet any of the main cast of Rogue One or Fantastic Beasts, a bit unrealistic as that may be. Emilia Clarke and Sam Clafin (me before you) would make me super happy too! TV shows I'd love anyone from the casts of the walking dead, stranger things, buffy the vampire slayer, scream queens, MTV's scream, shadow hunters, pretty little liars, gossip girl, desperate housewives, the vampire diaries & gilmore girls!
  3. I would absolutely LIVE for this! amazing suggestion!
  4. Top of my wishlist always has been, and always will be Bill Moseley and Sid Haig Anyone at all from the Scream franchise, including the TV series (John Karna would be an absolute dream come true) Katharine Isabelle (ginger snaps, see no evil 2, american mary) The soska sisters Anyone at all from any Rob Zombie film Eliza Dushku - Wrong Turn Vera Farmiga Michelle Trachtenberg Bruce Campbell - Evil Dead Robin Tunney & Fairuza Balk (the craft) Skeet Ulrich (Scream & The Craft) Kellan Lutz Jane Levy
  5. I think I'd love pretty much anyone from Rogue One, but Diego Luna, Donnie Yen or Mads Mikkelson again would be amazing
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