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  1. ... i find myself curious as to why you are on this old forum then Because it asked if anyone had regrets haha, and I didnt. I'd barley say it's an old thread, would you? Since there has be other posts today and previous day. I had tickets to attend but loads of guests who I thought of seeing cancelled so I decided to cut my losses and go elsewhere. All I was saying is I had no regrets not going lol
  2. I definitely don't regret not going. The two guests I wanted to see, one cancelled so I decided to go to another con in the states the week after. Got to meet Ben Mckenzie, have wanted to meet him since 2003 and Gotham is one of my favourite shows at the minute, and Gillian Anderson. Ben was amazing and so nice and I keep asking for him on here and as for Gillian, dream meet after meeting David earlier this year
  3. He has. Ages ago when Dark Angel was still on. Fair enough. Least it won't be him then and I won't regret cancelling my trip.
  4. How about Michael Weatherly? New show and everything. I can't imagine he's done a signing before.
  5. I'm hoping it no someone I want to see. Well with the whole not going at one of the two i wanted to see cancelled and I've booked an event in Boston instead so saving what money I'd have spent on hotel and food for there. Plus a guest who has never signed before. Everyone I can think of right now has signed before.
  6. **Edited by mod - unfortunately we are not allowed to permit sales of any kind on the forum**
  7. It's a shame but it's what might happen. Only have two guests to see so now one. Might only go one day now. Refund has already been emailled to me though.
  8. Still praying for Ben Mckenzie, he's doing quite a few 'other' events overseas. :)
  9. How do you know its him? Just because people guessed it! Not saying it's not and I've actually no clue who thus person is.
  10. I'm just going to guess who I'd like it to be. I'd definitely be happy with any Gotham guest, especially Ben Mckenzie. I'd love to meet Peter Gallagher or Gillian Anderson, as I've met David now and got his auto I need hers. Jeff Goldblum, Liam Hemsworth, Dwyane Johnson.
  11. If it's Morena she can bring Ben Mckenzie with her! That would be incredible and I'd lose my s***. IF its either Bill, Morena and Ben I'll bring a LARGE packet of Immodium I'd absolutely be OK with either Bill, Dan,Ben or Morena.
  12. If it's Morena she can bring Ben Mckenzie with her! That would be incredible and I'd lose my s***.
  13. It's not cheap. Probably 80% of people get them from there.
  14. Well just one more time I'll say Ben Mckenzie, the oc and Gotham for two things. Also Peter Gallagher would be an amazing addition.
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