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  1. I'm NOT asking them to List ALL the Works... How can one Miss out the #1 Movie of ALL Time... it doesn't make sense... Some guests need NO Introduction.. Others do.... Mark was one that should have been looked at.... a mean He's been Loads... even the departed.... He Played a Great Role in the Shawshank Redemption...its not like he was a Stuntman in 33... and not everyone checks IMDB - Just saying.
  2. Such a Fantastic Guest and only realised Yesterday at the Aliens Talk...that I recognised this guys face and voice...and i'm like... that looks like Bogs??? surely not.... then I check online and there it is.... Shawshank Redemption ....Anyone who is a movie lover of ANY genre has seen The Shawshank Redemption....for those who haven't "GET IT WATCHED" Can't believe I only recognised him at the Talk yesterday...because I would have never known otherwise.... Now searching the House for my Shawshank dvd to get signed to day.... A Movie that is easily in 90% of the Country's if not the Worlds Top 7 Movies of ALL Time....and instead of it Reading as Aliens & Star Trek on the show masters web site... it should have been "Aliens & Shawshank" MASSIVE Blunder ... Because I for one just look at the Pictures and the movies related by show masters...its NOT all the time I go into the imdb for more information....so am thinking here we go yet more Sci Fi guests and yesterday was the quietest I have ever seen that place... which to be fair was Great for a change instead of the cant get moving usual stuff... however I do expect it to be a little bit busier to day...then again I hope not... as this maybe the Key factor for show masters to eventually Look at the Glasgow show & others for that matter instead of putting EVERYTHING into the London show...then look like their not that fussed about the others.... Because looking from the outside...that's certainly what it looks like is happening....
  3. GUTTED is an Understatement that's twice now.... hope to meet her at some point... all the best with your new adventure Clare.... Saves me money I suppose... Al just give it a miss this year.
  4. Awesome looking through those there.... Great to see the Horror stuff.... I myself Love Horror collections just as most of you ...so its great seeing signed stuff that I don't have...and ones I would love to have.... I am a Massive Freddy vs Jason fan.... I have loads of Horror stuff.... Love Movie Memorabilia in general... if any of you are on Facebook.... Some of my collection is a page simply named "Movie Memorabillia" yip spelt with 2 L's .... hahaha Profile pic is The Bloody Bunch... Cover photo...is a photo of Jason voorhees... Please check it out and let me know what you all think.... also feel free to share your horror collection for myself and others to admire. ... Stay Horror
  5. would love to see Michael Madsen .... Adrienne King.... Robbi Morgan... Chris Durand....Sarah Butler...Don Shanks..... at Glasgow....hoping for few more Horror Guests.... I do appreciate the effort and time that everyone at Showmasters puts in the make these events Happen.... and suppose I am being selfish thinking of myself here... but being a Massive Horror Fan... its horror Guest's I would like to see more of.... Love the Fact we have 2 Hellraiser Guests attending.... Hoping that some Magic will happen and few Late Names will be attending nearer the Time. Thanks again Show Masters.
  6. Newcastle - Ari lehman - F13 Belfast - Lar Park-Lincoln - F13 Cardiff - Teri McMinn & John Dugan Texas Chainsaw Massacre Bournemouth - Don Shanks - Halloween 5 London - Linda Blair - The Exorcist Glasgow - Clare Higgins & Imogen Boorman - Hellraiser 1 & 2 Great Line up of Horror Guests so far from SM... Please Bring More to Glasgow...
  7. Friday 13th - Halloween - Texas Chainsaw massacre Guests PLEEEEEEASE
  8. Just noticed that Newcastle has Ari & Manchester has Ken.... anychance of those 2 coming to Glasgow????? Pleeeeease ...
  9. please get Ken to Glasgow - Met Ken before at MK...Awesome Guest - I had 58 Items signed that Weekend and My FvJ collection has grown since then... Please come to Glasgow
  10. OMG can't believe it...... what a Guest..... Please get him to Glasgow....
  11. friday 13th - halloween - texas chainsaw massacre - it - scream - ALL the KILLERS would be awesome... tough ask I know... but ANY HORROR Icons is gonna be awesome... would be good to have a Michael Myers though or a chainsaw massacre..... I am delighted so far with the 2 Hellraiser Guests
  12. WOW this show is looking AWESOME.... 2 Fantastic Hellraiser Guests
  13. Hard to believe that Hellraiser came on to the scene 1987 so .. with 2017 being the 30th Anniversary of the Hellraiser Franchise it would be great to have a Re Union... whats the chances of that Happening Showmasters...
  14. over the moon with this announcement.... WOW .... PLEASE don't cancel.... this has made me a very happy guy....
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