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  1. Any one interested in having Rod from the original nightmare on elm street I can make it happen let me no thanks
  2. Anybody interested in jsu garcia from the original Wes craven 1984 nightmare on elm street he played ron also bin in loads of other great movies I can make this happen is anybody interested he's never done a con in the UK this will be his first :)
  3. That's great news I have put an email into showmasters just waiting on the answer an he should be at Cardiff for pics an autos he has only ever done 2 cons in the past so he's looking forward to coming to the UK will be his first uk appearance at a con
  4. If anybody wants jsu garcia I can make it happen for Cardiff he played ron in the original Freddy movie the first one he's asked me to represent him as his UK agent thanks
  5. From Freddy part one if Ya interested I can sort this :)
  6. Ah that's a shame I missed him at the comic con I also didn't see Michael bien I couldn't work my way round haha
  7. ah damn okay thanks is robert gonna be coming back ?
  8. how do i get my item for robert englund to sighn at Bournemouth delivered as i cant turn up to that one any help will be much appreciated :)
  9. yeah its cool i got my arm sighned today thanks :) inking it tomoorow no first thing
  10. Okay does Robert englund do tattoo autographs as I'd like to show him my original 1984 tattoo an is that same Price thanks
  11. Ah that is good news thanks for letting me no im proper excited was your Que long waiting
  12. okay thanks for the info are u aloud to take pics of robert sighning ya items ?
  13. did u just walk in with diamond pass or was there a checklist an that first as i dont wanna be held up i need to get in the que fast for roberts autograph cant miss out again thanks
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