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  1. Why not cap the tickets you sell to an amount that the venue would be comfortable with?
  2. What you saw were old store tickets. Some photo shoots (Christopher Lloyd for example) had tickets sold on the non-eticket store. Those tickets looked like the on the day tickets from afar. The on the day tickets had markings on them so they could be told apart. I witnessed people with on the day tickets going through after gold members and before batch 1. I could see their highlighted marking And I saw some people going before gold members...
  3. I found out you could use your vouchers for 20£ guest and even more. I saw a guy use his and add 15£ for neve campbell(she was 35£) I left mine at home, if had known that i would have done the same thing.
  4. Get there as early as you can, ideally 7/7.30 if you can, speak to the crew if you do find yourself in trouble but you should be ok. On friday I was there at about 12.45 and we didn't get in until 1.45 ish and I had a gold pass. I dont even wanna imagine when the general crowd got in.
  5. Really? Awesome! Im glad that I bought two shoots with Hayley Atwell because I miss both of them today...
  6. Wait, cause it's actually possible for someone with a diamond pass to not get his autograph or picture ?
  7. Does anyone know on which level photo C is? thanks.
  8. it may sound silly but im extremely grateful to the staff member who gave me my gold bracelet because she didnt tie it too tight so i can take it off when I get home! I cant imagine spending the night with that thing around my wrist.
  9. The thing is, the tickets were already in the eventbrite apps before I bought the e validation.... I really dont get how this system works... but anyway.. as long as my tickets work...
  10. Yes thanks! I dont get why it didn't process it as the same time as my order though, I did tick the box... well it's all good now.
  11. Yes, I did that actually. But is it okay if it's bought separately?
  12. Oh no! I bought two photoshoots and I did tick the box for the 2.5£ but it wasn't added to the price when I clicked on pay now. What should I do?
  13. I've done the same. Trying to save the trees! Same here and it's just more handy to do it this way anyway! Everything in one place!
  14. So all we need to do is just buy the tickets on the eventbrite site and tick the e validation box and then pay and we'll receive it on the eventbrite app? Or is it a different process from before? I'm sorry to ask this but I'm a bit confused.
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