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    thank you both very much for the info
  2. Lionel Messi

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    Where can I see which vendors will be at this event, I am looking for vendors who can issue certificates of Authenticity for autographs obtained and selling Merchandise connected to movies like highlander like swords that I saw being sold in Birmingham con last year when lambert was there thank you
  3. Hi can you tell me will there be a vendor to verify his autograph after as in Birmingham there were vendors who could issues certifications of Authenticity also is he not doing a talk this year ? thank you
  4. Lionel Messi

    Latest Guest Announcement - CHRISTOPHER LAMBERT

    Can soneone tell me what exactly clothes i would have to buy for the russel nash new york look so i can go on ebay and buy them , more th shirt he wears under the jacket plus ispone to someone via email and i got all the info i need to bring sword, maje sure its in a box and tell security in the beginning , plus make sure blade is dull and dont show it outside the signing in the event
  5. Thanks and what time is the earliest on a bday he will start signing or take photo so I know what time to get there
  6. Where can I collect my cumberbatch diamond pass on Sunday along with my entry as I couldn't collect on Thursday I have the info on event brite on my phone for someone to scan and what time thank you
  7. Sorry I am confused so I can't get a refund and I can't sell my package for less money either ? i can even meet the buyer in person to collect my ticket and pass it to them but that seems not right IMO to say I will lose out completely
  8. Something has come with that I can't attend I am looking to sell my diamond pass and Sunday ticket for £200 i can't get a refund so can I sell what I got like this ?
  9. I paid for a few Sunday photo shoots I am only attending Sunday and the shoot day batch for all is number 1 but I don't know what time I am supposed to attend I now Pinchot is not coming but since I am in USA right now and called the office the phone is always busy and I fly out tomorrow back to the UK I sent an email but no response, what time should I come to get both Beverly cops, lungren and ruter ?
  10. I am only attending sundayh
  11. Lionel Messi

    Latest Guest Announcement - BRONSON PINCHOT

    I hope they get Ronny Cox as well
  12. Lionel Messi

    Latest Guest Announcement - BRONSON PINCHOT

    ok well I am hoping to get all 3 beverly hills cop actors autographs then
  13. Lionel Messi

    Latest Guest Announcement - BRONSON PINCHOT

    where do you buy the autographs from as I bought the photos?
  14. sorry you mean he asked re yourself or people in general?