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    Sherlocked UK 2017

    I had a fantastic time, and am glad to hear there is already plans for another. I agree the crew were all friendly and helpful and I liked to the hotel setting so much more. I thought the photos and auto going by group letter also worked very well and I loved the drinks reception and the meet and greet.
  2. ascendant.angel


    Now I have booked train ticket too. I'm sure I am missing something, howerer I have no idea what.
  3. ascendant.angel


    98% packed, schedule and ticket printed, need to work out travel and book my train ticket now. Oh and get money I forot I wanted to bring cash.
  4. ascendant.angel


    I just got a email with my group letter so check your inbox
  5. ascendant.angel


    Thanks for the head up on the schedule now being up, I've only had a peek but confusing may be a accurate word.
  6. ascendant.angel

    Sherlocked UK 2017

    I've only just realised there is going to be a bouncy castle I may look foward to that more than is probally reasonable.
  7. ascendant.angel

    Sherlocked UK 2017

    I'm getting pretty excited now its getting closer and i'm slightly more prepared, I have finally got outfits for all 3 partys and some new colthes I actally like for the daytime. I've had a fantastic time at the prior Sherlocked events but i wanted to see and do everything so spent a lot of time getting stressed out about how on earth I could fit everything in. I don't want to see everyone this year so i'm hopping i can relax a bit more, and maybe even get to see a talk from start to finish, without having to clock watch then run out halfway though coz i've got 3 phootshoots all going on a same time. Saying that i think the last time i felt relaxed was possibly in the 20th century so I may mayme holding on to a tad too much hope there
  8. ascendant.angel


    I'm so not ready either, but I'm trying not to panic, at least untill the scedule comes out and i realise I need to in 6 different places at once yet again.
  9. ascendant.angel

    Sherlocked UK 2017

    Now its geting closer i'm begining to get excited. Anyone getting dressed up for the partys? I'm planning too.
  10. ascendant.angel

    Sherlocked UK 2017

    I just upgraded my ticket a couple of days ago if that helps, but you can probally do it up untill the event or tickets run out.
  11. ascendant.angel

    As I can't post this elsewhere at the moment

    I will be going this year as well have organised ticket and hotel room. Could't afford a platimun ticket out right so will try to upgrade later. I'm i bit confused though some people are confirming the hotel took a £30 charge I was charged the full £300. On the plus side though I booked a twin by mistake I thought I was stuck with it as said it was non changable but they switched me with no hassale.
  12. ascendant.angel

    Sherlocked UK 2016

    It was lovely talking to you all here before, during and after the convention. Goodbye till the next time! Bye everyone, see you next time!
  13. ascendant.angel

    Comments/suggestions for the next Sherlocked!

    I agree with count fooku the crew manning Benidicts queue did clearly state at least while i was there that if you were above gold batch 2 then then to come back for the afternoon session as they would not get that far. Unfortunately i think some still hung around in hope.
  14. ascendant.angel

    How Did your con go?

    Didn't want to leave my hotel room today and accept thats its all over, and life goes back to normal. Friday was as others have said a lot less hetic than last year went on a wild spending spree on Friday night with no thought as to how I was going to get it all home, until today. I feel like there was a big effort made in the planning this year so there was less schedules clashes for all yet somehow I still missed more. Best guests for me were Andrew, Amanda and Louise you can just tell how much they adore meeting their fans and were thrilled to be there.
  15. ascendant.angel


    Pleasantly surprised I got Benenidict signature early with hardly any queing. When I saw he was there and it said platinum 1-50 I asked what time to come back as im 173 but they just waved me right through