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  1. I thought it was great. Not busy like London and guests had time to talk. Nothing felt rushed. Queues were never massive although still had one idiot trying to queue jump. Very relaxed. Came away happy. I agree probably need a few more guests but after London this made a nice change. Plus it's only 25 minutes from my house so will be back next year.
  2. Amanda Wyss is going I believe. Met her at Sheffield and she's just so lovely. Met Jennifer Rubin and Robert Rusler at London too and they are great. Think RR is filming in Germany right now?
  3. Just met him at Sheffield and he was fantastic. Got a couple of autos and a photo shoot with him. I mentioned on another post on the forum I bumped into him near his desk as I was leaving and he was just walking about stretching his legs I think and we ended up chatting for a while. Really nice guy. One of my heroes too and he really didn't disappoint. Ask him about The Victim that he directed. If you can also check out The Divide. I watched that before I went and we had a chat about that too.
  4. Everyone has mentioned all the SW guests I'd also like to see in addition I'd definitely want to meet Robert Englund again. Michael Biehn was just great, I really enjoyed talking to him and Amanda Wyss was so sweet and lovely both would be great guests again. I'd like to see more Elm Street people personally especially Heather Langenkamp, Mark Patton, John Saxon, Marshall Bell and Lisa Wilcox. Wes Craven would be fantastic and would love to go to one of his talks and q&a's. More Game of thrones as well. Battlestar Galactica guests also would be great.
  5. I got a vq ticket number 9 just after I arrived and the queue did take a little while. Had my auto by 10.15.
  6. Just before I was leaving I noticed him just stood on his own so I went over and thanked him for the photo we'd had earlier and the autos and we ended up having a really good chat for about 15/20 mins. Nicest bloke ever but it was very surreal to be just chatting films with Michael Biehn in Sheffield! Top guy.
  7. Not your fault. Just disappointing that had I known there was even the risk the pass wouldnt avoid vq I would have been happy to have lost the 25 quid. From my view I've bought a diamond pass and bought entry to 2 consecutive events and still may not get my auto which is the one thing I wanted unless I don't see other guests I'd planned on. We will see what happens.
  8. Well considering people got free entry (15 pound) and 25 quid back that makes 40 quid. Id already paid my 15 pound entry so in reality with just 25 refund i am only 10 better off and paying for the auto again now at 20 so actually -10! I didn't particularly mind this as its one of those things but I would have hoped that if you couldn't get your auto you would have at least kept the benefit of the pass. I wish I hadnt said I'd already paid entry at Sheffield now and not to clip mine and just took the hit on the fact I'd already bought entry and thus guaranteed my pass would avoid the vq but I
  9. Thanks QS. My question was slightly different. As I had already booked and received an early bird entry tickets to Sheffield as I have photoshoots booked there already I was just given the refund and had my pass clipped. This is fine I don't mind paying for the auto again as I got a refund on Sunday. What I would like though is the benefit of the diamond pass in guaranteeing I will actually get my auto (basically avoiding VQ). I can only attend Saturday and cannot attend any other event. Will the office confirm that? Cheers
  10. Thinking of coming on the Sunday now. Can you buy Sunday entry tickets on the Saturday at the venue?
  11. All the talks are free unless stated... Last year you just sat on the chairs of the arena, there was an Area which was sectioned off for the talks. No need for tickets. Hope this helps. It does indeed. Thank you!
  12. Were tickets on sale in advance for the Michael Biehn talk? I don't remember seeing those? Can you book on the day. Ive got time free with BDW cancelling but the online store is now closed?
  13. That's a real pity. Hopefully Michael is still attending!
  14. I've been bigging it up that I'm meeting Lando so I hope he hasn't cancelled!!
  15. Ok next question but I think this may be what Gore Fan Danny may have answered. Because I had already bought my earlybird entry to Sheffield as I had booked to go already they clipped my pass in London on Sunday morning (only day I went so def did not get his auto) and told me to use the vouchers or pay for an auto for Robert at Sheffield which is fine. So just to clarify that with a clipped pass I definitely wont need vq? Apologies if this was answered above I just want to be clear. Thanks
  16. Sorry just seen it above as already answered. Silly android phone!
  17. Do diamond pass holders still need to get vq tickets for other venues? Im only off to Sheffield for 1 day and had lots planned but really want my autograph from Robert so dont want to miss out if stuck in queue and have to leave for prebooked photoshoots. Cheers
  18. Neither would I, but when it directly interferes with doing their job successfully on the day and people who've paid a lot of £ suffer and miss out as a result - then that is inexcusable in my book.Shame really as 99% of the staff on the day/ weekend were perfect and calm under pressure- it's just that 1% that let's the reputation of the whole group down by doing things like this. Yes I agree there which is why I said "when they can" I.e. When it doesn't interfere with the paying public
  19. Walking to the Freddy shoot and Christopher Lloyd walks out through a side door with a crew member. Both look at each other and smile, hello, he waggles his eyebrows at me 😊 Nice moment.
  20. For all the hard work the staff do I don't begrudge them grabbing a photo op when they can! I would!
  21. Young blond haired lad with tattoos at photo shoot A for Robert Englund today was great as were all on the diamond pass desk. Amy who was at the queuing area at the sales desk was really helpful. Can't fault anyone. All the security guys were clear and helpful as well first thing.
  22. I have to say that despite first time worries and concerns about queuing etc. I've had a really wonderful day with my Robert Englund Diamond Pass. I'm delighted with the in makeup photoshoot and enjoyed the talk. Paid for a standard photoshoot with Robert too and that also came out great and was so easy queuing with the pass. I'd also like to say the staff at the event today were fantastic and couldn't do enough for you. I arrived and joined the queue at 08:20 and was in just after 9am so no dramas there. Well done to all concerned and big thanks for all the support on here in answerin
  23. 2 of my guests, Robert Russler & Jennifer Rubin offered and did posed. Seen a lot of others doing it too.
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