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  1. stargateuknumber1superfan

    please invite stargate cast to come to Cardiff

    this is a list of the main cast could you please try and get some stargate cast to the next cardiff film and comic con Richard Dean Anderson Christopher Judge Michael Shanks Amanda Tapping Gary Jones Teryl Rothery Ben Browder Claudia Black Dan Shea Corin Nemec Beau Bridges David Hewlett Tony Amendola Robert Picardo Vaitiare Bandera Peter Williams Morena Baccarin Alexis Cruz Erick Avari Suanne Braun Rachel Luttrell Joe Flanigan David Hewlett Jason Momoa Paul McGillion Torri Higginson Jewel Staite David Nykl Robert Picardo Rainbow Sun Francks Kavan Smith Christopher Heyerdahl Mitch Pileggi Connor Trinneer Robert Carlyle Louis Ferreira David Blue Elyse Levesque Brian J. Smith Jamil Walker Smith Alaina Huffman Ming-Na Wen Lou Diamond Phillips Peter Kelamis Patrick Gilmore Julia Benson Haig Sutherland Rhona Mitra Robert Knepper cliff simon Vince Crestejo Kevin Durand
  2. stargateuknumber1superfan

    stargate cast

    please can we get some stargate cast or even writers or artests from the comic books at the next con
  3. stargateuknumber1superfan

    Guest Suggestions

    liam neeson sg1 gary jones beau bridges corin nemec dan shea claudia black ben browder michael shanks richard dean anderson amanda tapping tony amendola morena baccarin carmen argenziano atlantis robert picardo rachel luttrell jason momoa david hewlett torri higginson paul mcgillion jewel staite rainbow sun francks david nykl christopher heyerdahl sgu robert carlyle brian j smith elyse levesque louis ferreira ming na david blue alaina huffman julia benson jamil walker smith lou diamond phillips patrick gilmore peter kelamis haig sutherland the x files gillian anderson david duchovny mitch pileggi robert patrick annabeth gish william b davis tom braidwood nicholas lea dean haglund bruce harwood main cast from the big bang theory, ant and dec and ncis to.
  4. stargateuknumber1superfan

    the plan

    when will the plan for photos and talks be posted? i want to meet alot of guests this time but i also want to goto joe flanigans talk and need to no so i dont dobble book
  5. stargateuknumber1superfan

    Latest Guest Announcement - JOE FLANIGAN

    arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr thank you show masters and thanks Joe for coming to wales hope you enjoy your visit I can not wait to meet you
  6. stargateuknumber1superfan

    early bird tickets at the door

    hi i have heard you might have sold out of the early bird tickets will there be any at the door on the day?
  7. stargateuknumber1superfan

    new talk to take the space

    Hi I am wondering if because james marsters has canceld will there be someone taking his spot in the talk time table insted I no its at the end of the day but it is worth asking?
  8. stargateuknumber1superfan

    No Absentee Package for Chevron 8.2?

    hi i am allso planning on buying the Premium ABSENTEE pack for Chevron 8.2 will the autograths be personaly signed to me or just have the signature of the guest?
  9. stargateuknumber1superfan

    Guests Suggestions

    could we please get more stargate guests at cardiff comic con i really wanted to meet richard dean anderson and get a photo with him but they sold out within a very short time so i cant justifie the cost just to get an autograth as he was the only reason i was going to london. it goes to show how many of us still love stargate and we want more stargate guests