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  1. does anybody know the company that attends regularly to the cons that do the frames ready for you to add your photo shoot photos too??? i had a card of theirs and i cant find it. I asked them last time if i emailed them before the next show if they could make up frames of my past shoots and they agreed but now i cant for the life of me find them... must be my old age. thanks in advance for any help
  2. thanks for the reply, i was asking as the guests are attending saturday aswell and maybe they would of added a saturday shoot too. Due to rail replacement services in certain parts of the trip on sundays and having a 2 year old, asking whether a Saturday shoot was a possibility of happening was just if we attended saturday or sunday. again, thanks for the replies
  3. David is such a lovely gentleman, I was talking to him in bournemouth last year and he stated he loves coming to cardiff. i wasnt around long enough in the day to grab a photo shoot with him but promised if he comes to cardiff again we will. i totally recommend going to say hi if your passing, we had a long chat about bristol rugby, fitness and how he loves wales..TOP BLOKE
  4. Good morning and merry christmas to you all. We are attending the show and noticed the sons of anarchy group shoot is only avalible sunday only.....is this the only day it will be done or possibly saturday as well??? reason being is to what day we purchase tickets for as wee need to book trains as we are coming from newport south wales. many thanks phil
  5. Good day, long time show masters attendee and reader of the forum yet this is only my second post. my family and i are attending Bournemouth this weekend, heading down friday morning and heading back saturday afternoon. my problem is that my wife has bought me a ticket for a shoot with kate dickie and the schedule has come out today and states that the shoot is at 4.25pm....and our train back to cardiff is at 4.22pm. generally id look for a later train, but as the train journey is 3 and half hours long and we will be with our 10 year old and our 1 year old baby and have a hour drive after arriving in cardiff that a later train is not an option. Is there a way im able to get a refund for this or maybe a voucher for the amount that i can use for a autograph instead or am i £16 out of pocket??? many thanks for a reply
  6. Clearly one of the nicest people i have ever met. Took time to talk to me my pregnant wife and our 9yr old daughter, making a massive fuss of us all, liked my after shave saying I smelt amazing and even signed my photo with the comment too, a true pleasure :)
  7. Nearly lost my head to a ghost busters proton pack back in November, looking forward to tomorrow's delights 😝
  8. Just go out in Blackwood on a Saturday night lol
  9. Just go out in Blackwood on a Saturday night lol
  10. kurt sutter is filming his new show here at the moment, sure he wouldn't mind a boost of takings to his filming funds, even Katy segal??...
  11. I shall be in full dearth maul costume and make up, might just ask Ray parks if he was to a photo with me and my autograph hahahah 😂
  12. Hey all, i have currently purchased tickets for the sunday event in a few weeks and also got a photo ticket with kristeena loken. Having not done a photo session before im not sure how it works so any info would be extreamly helpful so thanks in advance. My tickets arrived yesterday with no specified time for the shoot, not even a "be there for around 3pm ", all it states in the letter in that i should be there when they call my ticket colour out..... so heres my problem.... Im heading to cardiff with my wife who will be 7 months pregnant and my 9 year old " im bored i wanna go home now" daughter. The plan was book a ticket see what time the shoot was and head there for about an hour before so can look around have the shoot and spend another hour purchasing and meeting guests. I dont wanna head there for 11am and not have a photo shoout till 4 or 5pm, my life would not be worth living hahahaha..... is there any way at all i can find out a rough estimate of time for the shoot anywhere please??
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