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  1. When....when......when.........?? So excited to meet Rutger Hauer
  2. Wooooo!!! Such a great announcement!! Bring on the Diamond Pass
  3. Great guest! Really looking forward to Sunday
  4. Can't wait to get Robert's autograph - I missed out in London due to the Freddy make-up (it was so fantastic to meet Freddy!!). Can you please clarify - my Diamond Pass will gain me entry to Bournemouth so I don't need to buy an entry ticket, does this mean early entry? I am about to book photo's with Christopher Judge and Michael Biehn :) Thank you :)
  5. Oh no....Richard Dean Anderson only on Saturday. Damn I'm only going on Sunday 😢
  6. I have got my Freddy Tee ready to go....I obviously need to buy more tees
  7. Yes!!! This will be a great addition to my Robert Englund Diamond pass stuff
  8. Got my pass - number 154. So excited to meet Freddy! What a fantastic opportunity. Also booked a photo with Robert as himself.
  9. WOW!!! I was really hoping this would be the announcement. Will definitely be booking this
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