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  1. biglad71

    Belfast Talk and Photo Schedule

    I was hoping to attend Julian's Q and A too, but I have photos booked with Caroline Munro and Ingrid Oliver ... ah well. That said, the Q and A is in tandem with Staz Nair which makes me think it might be heavily GOT-themed and I don't actually watch that, so ... swings and roundabouts!
  2. Hoping these are imminent, really not long to go now!
  3. Doctor Who, Star Wars, James Bond, Indiana Jones, Game Of Thrones - in terms of 'geek interest', it's hard to imagine a better guest!
  4. Hope you don't mind me asking. It's just that getting lunch onsite is always handier and whereas I knew the Odyssey/SSE had food and drink stands I don't know much about the Exhibition Centre.
  5. 1) Will the schedule be up soon? 2) Are there panels this year? Thanks in advance!
  6. biglad71

    Latest Guest Announcement - JIMMY VEE

    Will Jimmy be doing photoshoots? Wouldn't mind a pic with someone who's been all those Who beasties (not to mention the new R2-D2!).
  7. Just asking because I'm only able to use a work printer to print out stuff, and after next Monday I'm off for the rest of the week!
  8. Thank you (hope I didn't sound too demanding ... ) .
  9. Anyone? Still not seeing Samuel amongst the Sunday guest photo-session choices on the 'Buy Tickets' screen, and he was announced on Friday ...
  10. When will Samuel's photo session tickets be available on the site? Thanks in advance!
  11. biglad71

    The Cars join the Stars in Belfast!

    Is there a charge for being photographed with the cars?