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  1. Hi all, hope everyone is well! sorry if this has been posted but does anybody know if there will be Beckett authenticators at this years LFCC?
  2. Okay thank you, that’s all I needed to know, i’m in no rush, I just didn’t know how to find them or what the procedure was! Thanks for all your help.
  3. Hi guys, just wondering how to purchase a digital copy of my photo shoots, as I couldn’t find any information if they are available or not?
  4. Hi I’m looking to buy a Diamond Pass for Ian. Is there anyway I can upgrade the photo to the throne prop shoot?
  5. Hi guys, do we know roughly how many diamond passes are left? Or close to being sold out as I’m hoping to get one at the end of the week!
  6. My favourite guest of the weekend along with Iain Glen! managed to get personalisations from both them and they were always smiling.
  7. I managed to see her sat morning and she was was doing personalisations. It must have been because she was unwell not because she was being rude that she stopped.
  8. In fact I purchased my gold passes off the old site before MJF was even announced let alone the the new diamond guests
  9. Having spent £450 on two gold passes can honestly say I have no idea what we get anymore! it's advertised as the must have ticket, but I feel like showmasters do everything they can to devalue the gold pass. This last two years we have had gold comic passes silver comic passes diamond passes etc I am sorry for the moan I don't usually post on the forum and I really do appreciate the amazing guests you bring us but after all we are paying for it! and judging by the sheer quantity of gold passes being sold I can see around a 1000 vq tickets being distributed just for the golds.
  10. Christopher Lloyd please :) any back to the future
  11. Peter Capaldi Matt smith Karen Gillan Rose Leslie Iain Glen Richard madden Charles Dance Pedro Pascal
  12. Isaac Hempstead Wright! What a fantastic guest so polite and happy:) got a great signed photo and was excited to chat and take pics he told me that Kristian HODOR! Nairn twisted his arm in coming and that it was his first con :) Also Finn Jones and Gethin Anthony together are brilliant The big man HODOR himself great to chat with Met Carrie Fisher and got the last personalised photo before she was pushed for time, she was very polite although didn't have much time Jena Coleman was very quiet with guests but was good enough to cut her lunch early to try and please as many fans, as there was a small mistake with time which left about 30 people waiting for her in her booth for 40 mins when in fact she was on stage doing a panel and then went for lunch I hear she was also unwell in which case all credit to her :) And of course Stan the Man never stopped smiling he was so busy he done brilliant Only regret is not meeting John Hurt it was my own fault as I decided I'd buy some lego instead lol
  13. Well said people who buy passes inc myself have saved a long time for these gold and silver passes, because this event means a lot to them/us. I think it's unfair people assume they can just turn up and expect to see Stan at anytime, and then bash the organisers who gave us this opportunity in the first place as being a joke and un-organised. Saying that I truly feel for those who qued first thing in the morning and had a low enough vq ticket to be seen and was left heart broken! but leaving the event late afternoon on sat and sun I saw ques snaking round earls court for entry and people still expecting to meet Stan Lee at that time of day need to blame their own organisation skills! Personally I think showmasters do the best they can to put on a great show and give you the options months before the event to inform people of what to expect and what would be most beneficial to us ticket wise.
  14. Ohh noooo devastated! He all but sealed my choice to get a gold pass
  15. Would love some more guests from game of thrones!! Charles Dance. (Tywin) Liam Cunningham (Davros) Carice Van Houten (melisandre) Paul Kaye (thoros of myr) Rose Leslie (ygritte) I would like to think that these would be great guests and hopefully realistic choices
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