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  1. Sihgtseeing - well, i have never been there but i am sure there are a view things to see And at least there will be time for a drink, or two
  2. Will some of you be already on thursday in Frankfurt? Anyone up for some sightseeng?
  3. I hijack along a bit ... what is to expect from the parties? Music, drinks, ...?
  4. I am too from Austria, going to Frankfurt by train (5 hour ride) - the weekend will be sooo awesome
  5. I'm also not Dutch but from Austria It's been a while since my last convention so i'm quite excited. Shatner ist top of my list too, followed by Urban.
  6. Will it be ok to bring a poster to sign? It is quite big and there are wooden 'sticks' sewed into it (it's a clotheposter) - or do you think this would be a problem? And: YEAH more Dredd-Fans
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