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  1. dont worry about that, lot of people also come alone to conventions and its pretty much easy to start conversation with anyone and have few new buddies to spend time with during those 3 days :)
  2. yes, most popular are the most busy. its difficult to expect some really relaxed and bit longer talk if queue is HUGE behind you. however, it also depends on you and your approach. each guest will be more intrigued if you approach them with something interesting and different than most fans. for example I had really nice chat with Karl Urban but mainly cause I brought with me a Dredd helmet that I made myself in order for him to sign. With Tim Russ I had an amazing talk about music, same with Casey Biggs and Vaughn Armstrong. With Armin Shimerman, Rene Auberjonois and Jeffrey Combs I also had "longer" talk than most as well, but thats also due to the fact the lines in front of their tables where small and they seemed to be willing to talk a lot :)
  3. Just one more suggestion: - introduce additional credit cards or paypal for online ticket payment
  4. @Queen_Sindel, yes it was on Friday but its ok. no need for apologise, i didnt loose anything and thankfully i had pleasure of chatting with some random people while waiting. i just wrote that so that for next convention organisers keep things in better order. :) i agree, makeup show was amazing and im sure lot of guests would like to see more of things of such nature. also interesting are not only actor talks but talk from people behind the scene. it would be great to include talks with prop builders or designers, people who are behind the star trek and who helped create it. thats quite educational and fun as well.
  5. First of all, this topic is not mean to be bashing nor insulting in anyway towards the people behind the organisation. So, please do not post such things here, this is intended more as a suggestion topic so that certain things that where not good or that could be improved can be taken into the consideration by the organiser if he reads them. ----- I will write down few things that come to my mind and i hope that others might also contribute in order that next DST is improved and even better so that everyone can enjoy even more in it. 1. Lack of the closing ceremony: after 3 days spend at the convention I felt rather bad when everything just suddenly stopped after Keating&Trineer talk. It would have been nice to wrap all 3 days of this event in some closing ceremony so that thank you and good bye was said in friendly manner. 2. Klingon zone: although as an idea is great it could have been more klingon no? today with all cad / cnc machines it shouldnt be hard nor expensive to cut some simple bathlet shapes from plywood and some other klingon items that are not too complex to do and with bit of paint and faux leather to make some cool props which would surely give lot of spice and flavour to overall look and joy of the visitors. 3. No more gongs: although it was sympathic and fun for brief period after a while it turned into really annoying thing especially since cause of it many guest talks where rudely interrupted. 4. More seating options for people who want to rest. For example on both party nights many people did want to see the performance but due to the small crowded space many have left to other side, klingon zone to sit down. especially when you take in consideration that majority of people spend entire day on their feet, walking around additional options to be able to sit and watch the show could be nice. 5. Perhaps band stage can be combined with talk stage b? As i wrote above small band stage didnt allow all visitors to see the performance in proper way and if placed on bit bigger stage many people could have used the seating area both to relax and see the performers. 6. Microphone issues: due to the several issues with microphones on stage B, we lost lot of time on few talks. 7. Lighting issues, in the beginning, for opening ceremony and first talks on saturday morning, the light was incredibly strong on main stage that guests couldnt even look at the audience which seems like such elementary mistake to do. 8. in photo area B photographers always called for people with gold or platinum tickets so that they have line privilege, however in area A noone called and when i showed my ticket package i was told to go back to wait in the line. Perhaps more coordination about this could be done. 9. Perhaps opening ceremony can be little bit longer and more rich with details, videos shown, some performance, more of the show event than just quick walk of guests with hi and bye.
  6. if organisers are willing to listen to the fan suggestions about how to improve the event for the future it would be great to create a suggestion topic. surely, improving would bring more satisfaction to the fans and in the end more profit to the organisers as well.
  7. one thing that surely lacked was "the closing ceremony". when you look at how event was going on and how many things happened, it would have been nice to wrap all 3 days with the closing ceremony and that goodbye is said in proper way both to the guests and to the fans rather than just "go home" after the Keating & Trineer talk has finished.
  8. hopefully they will reply and if not, bringing printed confirmation to the venue might also help. There should be people from organisation on the venue that can help you out. hope to see you there Dax
  9. @ t'seera if you notice a guy in science uniform holding a judge dredd helmet in front of Karl Urban waiting for an autograph, feel free to say hello :)
  10. i wont be doing any ds9 cosplay but will go in science uniform from the latest movies... however its always a pleasure to meet some nice folks who like star trek :)
  11. got mine just few moments ago!
  12. i also sent an email. so far no response, bet they have full hands with replies...
  13. If you are buying I am game. well, to treat someone with synthale or two should not be the problem. :) i just hope you don't drink like a klingon
  14. seems not. it would be written in the ticket order form if she was costumed or not. since it wasn't... you know
  15. sadly no, no tickets here as well
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