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  1. Wish I'd asked this aha , I went and got money changed over to English notes in case Scottish ones weren't accepted
  2. Have no idea who he is but he looks a little like Tom Hanks , You go Glen Coco
  3. aha I agree with this , I haven't been to LFCC but anything for some Irn Bru
  4. Really excited for this , hoping Cassandra Clare will maybe join the list soon because I know she'll be in the UK later this year , Hopefully some John Green?
  5. absolutely jealous you were at the premier and met the cast !!
  6. Okay so this will be my first year attending LFCC and I'm a bit confused with the tickets, I have checked different threads to see if it helped but I am still a little confused. Can someone tell me what the "virtual queuing" tickets are? can you only buy autograph tickets on the day?
  7. I'd totally go to that too regardless of the guests , as long as there are more shadowhunters
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