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  1. My husband is also very exhausted but totally happy! He is not at home yet, but what I know, it was fantastic. Thank you all for your reports and photos, it is great for us who had to stay at home. And he said, he has a greeting for me from Connor!
  2. Hmm, the organisers are very strange to me. Anything I ask, the answer is allways very unclear. I really don`t like the way they (don`t) communicate.
  3. There will be another Dax, but a real one, without a costume.
  4. After emailing them, in a few hours I received mine.
  5. It`s wednesday morning and I don`t have anything.
  6. Amazon, our eldest is only 10, we have 4 daughters (10, 7, 5 and 2), so it really isn`t possible. But it could be a real fun few years later .
  7. We can`t go both because of our children, but I bought a ticket for my husband - it was a great christmas gift ;-). But he will definitely come from Slovakia . 80-90 min. flight.
  8. Brent Spiner, Jeffrey Combs and Connor Trinneer are enough for me! Alice Krige as a bonus. I`m very happy, really .
  9. I understand, of course, but this isn`t the first time. The silence was too long and about Jonathan Frakes I wouldn`t know at all, because it was only in the newsletter (which I don`t get). Also the info about final guests was only on facebook page, again, I don`t understand, why is facebook more important than the official website. People have technical troubles and no answer for their questions (maybe it isn`t true anymore) and I would be really happy to know something about the tickets, when cca. they will send it and som more questions, but is it really necessary to use the customer service and ask? The only communication ist the newsletter, but why do I have to subscribe for it? I`m just a little bit disappointed, that`s all. I`m looking forward to Frankfurt and hoping that having a great time there will erase all my doubts .
  10. I very appreciate this message from you!! I cannot understand, how it ist possible, that we get information just from various other sites . Anyway, Jeffrey Combs and a blues band on saturday night party, this is really Something .
  11. Oh my god, I can`t believe my eyes . TNG reunion without Stewart and Frakes? How it is possible they didn`t say a word about the cancellation? 14 guests a few weeks before the event and they announce it like something really great? They say, it will be at least that great as London if not better. How??? There will be announced 20 guests next week? Oh my, so much money and for what?
  12. I used the customer service and asked what`s going on. We have to be patient, as they say, there are problems with shedules, there will be new annoucements very soon. So, we`ll see.
  13. Hmmm, I`ve bought my ticket now, that`s why I`m really afraid, that it won`t be worth the money .
  14. I`m a little bit nervous... Why this silence? Why still so few guests? Changes, that nobody explains, only few weeks left and nothing happens, I`m afraid now, if this DST will be comparable to DSTL.
  15. Nothing happens, I don`t like it too. There is nothing to discuss. We have to wait, wait, wait for it, just hang around...
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