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  1. London is probably best. At DSTL there were more people, so it shows that the UK has a big Trek fanbase compared to Germany anyway. Also, there are 5 airports that service the city so it is very easy for other travelers to come visit.
  2. Thanks for the reply QueenSindel. I understand you guys are in the dark, it's very frustrating as you would imagine the oranisers should be clearer in answering all questions. If anything they should be on this forum answering everyones questions.
  3. Emailed the website and got a response which is still not very clear. All I want to know is if I get a Gold ticket will I have to queue for the free talk tickets in the morning or do I have a guaranteed seat in those talks? As it is unclear, I guess I will have to go for the standard ticket. Unfortunate as the organisers will lose out on the extra 240EUR. Better for my wallet though!
  4. Hi, are the free talk tickets included in the Gold/Silver ticket packages? As in if I buy a Gold ticket, will I still have to the go and queue to get the Free Talk Tickets, or can I just turn up to the Main Stage when the free talk is about to start and sit in the Gold seating area? I understand for the Paid Talks I will have to purchase those separately to the Gold Package.
  5. 1 Ticket to the Opening Ceremony 1 Ticket for a Bridge Photo Shoot 1 Limited Edition DSTG Print† 1 Limited Edition DSTG Collectors Card† 1 Ticket to the Friday Night Party 6 in-person autographs (Not Headline Guests) * 1 Exclusive DSTG 'Gold' Star Trek Actor Signed Card† Seating in Gold Area Rows in Main Talk Hall (Ticket required for PAID talks) 1 Event Showguide† ADDED - 50% off Saturday Night ticket offer for 'TNG Reunion Event moderated by William Shatner' The above is included in the gold for 299. Buying it all separately costs: Opening ceremony + Friday party = 25 Bridge photo = 15 6 in person auto = 120 So total 160. Which means you are paying 139 for: 1 DSTG print 1 DSTG collectors card 1 Gold Actor signed card (worth around 20) Seating in gold area for when you pay for paid talks (do you get a guaranteed seat in the free talks??) 1 event show guide 50 % off TNG talk (worth max 62.5) Am I missing something? Seems overpriced. Especially compared to the gold tickets in London
  6. Hi, I've got my calculator out and it seems that you don't get too much as part of the gold/silver packages compared to the standard ticket prices. As far as I can tell there is no discount and if anything you pay a little more for the packages compared to buying all the same stuff separately. Is there anything I've missed? Otherwise I will just get standard tickets and "pay as you go". Thanks
  7. Hi, on the ticket booking page it does not state how much does the Reunion Talk cost, does anyone know? Also, with the gold/silver tickets do you get guaranteed seats in the free talks as they say you get seating in the gold/silver areas.
  8. where is the bridge photo ticket option with the cast? I can't find it in the tickets section
  9. Hi, any suggestions on which airport is better? The flight cost difference is quite a bit so I'm considering flying into Hahn.
  10. Hi, are the photos for DSTL up anywhere yet? I would like some digital copies of the photos I purchased at the show
  11. Defiant Bridge would be too cool. DS9 Ops probably will never happen as it was such a big set compared to the other bridges
  12. Surely very soon we should see some more guest announcements! I really want to come but can't justify the cost as it stand right now. A gold ticket would be good, but if there are only 13 guests then it will never get busy enough to be worth it. Can just do everything with the standard ticket
  13. I agree with you Annick, it is awfully quiet on here. With 2 months to go DSTL was buzzing with new threads. If not announcements then just random questions and chatter from people attending. I'm hoping everyones just tired from Xmas and it will get busy in the new year! I did think for a little while that I might be on the wrong forum. Is there a German language DSTG forum where all the German locals are chatting?
  14. I'm holding off buying tickets to see if there are any more guests. If there no more then it might be too far for me to travel to meet only those announced so far. Hoping for a big announcement soon to convince me!
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