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  1. At DST Frankfurt it was as Riker suggested. Just queue up at the entrance to stage talk once the previous talk has ended. They cleared out the talks each time so everyone had to leave and queue again even if the next talk was 10 minutes later. When exiting the talk there was always a massive queue ready and waiting for the next talk so you always ended up at the back of the line if trying to do all the talks in a row. I feel this system worked well enough compared to DSTL in 2012, as it wasn't just the lucky people who got to the front of the queue at 9am and were able to grab loads of talk tickets for the rest of the day. This way it is a fairer system even if it does involve a lot of queuing. I hope the talks are done the same as they were in DST Frankfurt.
  2. Hi, I am getting the gold (commander) ticket, but would like to also purchase a ticket for the Nimoy Skype Stage Talk. Will any tickets for this come available? Or is it an exclusive for VIP and Platinum ticket holders only? I believe it is being held in the main talk hall so the place will be empty if only the VIP/Plat holders are allowed in!
  3. state

    Bridge Shoots

    Hi, I believe that's correct. There won't be anymore slots available at the show. I have ordered the other shoot with TNG cast + Shatner. I saw the bridge set at DST Germany and to be honest it is just a replica so a lot of the stuff just looked like painted wood. I'm sure in the photo you won't notice that though.
  4. Hi, I've seen that the TNG cast photo shoot on the Bridge sold out a couple of weeks ago. Will a new slot be released? For the shoot to sell out a whole month before the convention shows the unprecedented demand for this particular shoot. Due to the high price of £245 I would have assumed that it would have still been available until the day of the event! I missed out on booking it and would really like to get myself one of these photos.
  5. state

    Guest you want to meet

    Please bring Kitty Swink to DST3. She was my favourite guest at DST Frankfurt. So nice and welcoming, she even started introducing me and my fiance to the other actors sitting near her. She made our convention experience an absolute joy! I would love to get a signed photo with her this time, as we missed her slot at the last show. Maybe a double photo with Armin Shimerman (her husband who plays Quark) if he attends also!
  6. state

    Tokens vs Virtual Queuing

    There were no VQ tickets at Frankfurt and it went fine. Obviously with the popular guests it meant having to queue and I think the worst queue I joined ended up being Karl Urbans for around 15/20 minutes. All the other popular guests would have a queue but then I would go to another guest with no queue or go to a talk/toilet/food and then come back later to try again. More often than not the queue would have pretty much disappeared and I would be near the front! Obviously for a few of the actors the queues never died, but this wasn't for many of them. However, Frankfurt was no way as busy as DSTL 2012 so it will be interesting to see how the no VQ tickets system works in London.
  7. Shatner was 50 euros in Frankfurt which was 3 months ago. That works out as around £40. Quite a steep increase for this time then
  8. state


    They had the tokens at DST Frankfurt, and they worked fine. There was a booth at which to buy them, and at peak times of the convention when there were big crowds then yeh sure there was a queue but it was only maybe 5 minutes long. I was really bad at planning which autos I wanted so kept having to purchase a token each time I decided to get another auto, but never found it that bad to queue. Also, there were convention staff with "bum-bags" walking around selling the tokens around the auto area anyway, which made it very simple. I started off annoyed and confused as to why I had to buy tokens, feeling they were cheap plastic coins. But after a few uses I became to really like them as it made the awkward moment of handing over hard cash disappear. I know the actors are there to earn money, however I always get uneasy giving them money for an auto, so the tokens made it a much more pleasant transaction. I would advise being careful with them though as they were very very light and would be easy to misplace or lose if just placed in a pocket. I will bring a zipped pouch next time to keep them in.
  9. London is probably best. At DSTL there were more people, so it shows that the UK has a big Trek fanbase compared to Germany anyway. Also, there are 5 airports that service the city so it is very easy for other travelers to come visit.
  10. Thanks for the reply QueenSindel. I understand you guys are in the dark, it's very frustrating as you would imagine the oranisers should be clearer in answering all questions. If anything they should be on this forum answering everyones questions.
  11. Emailed the website and got a response which is still not very clear. All I want to know is if I get a Gold ticket will I have to queue for the free talk tickets in the morning or do I have a guaranteed seat in those talks? As it is unclear, I guess I will have to go for the standard ticket. Unfortunate as the organisers will lose out on the extra 240EUR. Better for my wallet though!
  12. Hi, are the free talk tickets included in the Gold/Silver ticket packages? As in if I buy a Gold ticket, will I still have to the go and queue to get the Free Talk Tickets, or can I just turn up to the Main Stage when the free talk is about to start and sit in the Gold seating area? I understand for the Paid Talks I will have to purchase those separately to the Gold Package.
  13. 1 Ticket to the Opening Ceremony 1 Ticket for a Bridge Photo Shoot 1 Limited Edition DSTG Print† 1 Limited Edition DSTG Collectors Card† 1 Ticket to the Friday Night Party 6 in-person autographs (Not Headline Guests) * 1 Exclusive DSTG 'Gold' Star Trek Actor Signed Card† Seating in Gold Area Rows in Main Talk Hall (Ticket required for PAID talks) 1 Event Showguide† ADDED - 50% off Saturday Night ticket offer for 'TNG Reunion Event moderated by William Shatner' The above is included in the gold for 299. Buying it all separately costs: Opening ceremony + Friday party = 25 Bridge photo = 15 6 in person auto = 120 So total 160. Which means you are paying 139 for: 1 DSTG print 1 DSTG collectors card 1 Gold Actor signed card (worth around 20) Seating in gold area for when you pay for paid talks (do you get a guaranteed seat in the free talks??) 1 event show guide 50 % off TNG talk (worth max 62.5) Am I missing something? Seems overpriced. Especially compared to the gold tickets in London
  14. Hi, I've got my calculator out and it seems that you don't get too much as part of the gold/silver packages compared to the standard ticket prices. As far as I can tell there is no discount and if anything you pay a little more for the packages compared to buying all the same stuff separately. Is there anything I've missed? Otherwise I will just get standard tickets and "pay as you go". Thanks