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  1. Hi just wondering if we will be told who is in the autograph groups before the event? Should have been posted a month ago according to the website!
  2. It's time to take our last trip through the Stargate to Chevron 8.3! See you All soon!
  3. WE are in to single figures! 9 Days to go!
  4. I'd like to know that too! Or I'll need to buy something else for them to sign
  5. Thanks for the reply 😀
  6. Just wondering if I can upgraded from a standard ticket to a siver ticket when I get to the hotel on the Fri?
  7. Hey Any Idea how much the group photo will be for those who only have standard tickets? Trying to budget
  8. Is his photoshoot going to be added to the online shop. Or will it only be available when we get there?
  9. Well as my uncle always said: "If you don't ask you don't want. But if you do ask, you don't get"
  10. I know the answer to this will be No But could ME not look in to making next year's Chevron the last one. That way we all get a year to plan our goodbyes. Or if you were to give the flyers to us cosplayers we could give them out when at other shows. I for one get asked a lot for photos or where I got my costume and I always till them about Chevron but it's easy to forget event names or Web address by the time you get home after running around getting Autos/Photos. So a flyer to hand out would really help and it's not like we are short of pockets lol! Just an idea!
  11. What I'm most looking forward to is meeting up with friends I've not seen in ages! And the guests.
  12. Only 5 weeks gaters or 31 days!
  13. Wow hoo! Only 6 weeks to go that just 42 days!
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