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  1. But no word from Mark about this topic, right?
  2. I know the chances are small but I think it wouldn't hurt to ask, if there is anyone who's leaving after the closing and is going to travel by car to Birmingham? There's a gig in Birmingham but I'm not able to make it in time if I have to use the train/bus.
  3. Never heard of this before *wonder* What does an absentee package include normally?
  4. I'm not a native speaker so I don't want to call the hotel I already wrote Showmasters an email due to VAT not included online but I haven't heard back from them yet
  5. Thank you so much for letting us know. Now I'm relieved :)
  6. I've been to many Chevrons (sadly not all of it but I couldn't manage to come twice the year) and enjoyed the organisation, the great and funny guest and of course the fun to meet so many nice people. But I can understand why less people are coming because I also fell in love with so many new shows over the years. Maybe you already tried it and it didn't work out but I think it would be better not to announce all the guest so early. Other organisations are announcing their guest one after another over the year and everytime there is some new chatter about this event. I was happy to see al
  7. @VanillaMagick Some already tried to do that and was told that he have to pay in advance without a booking code And for me, as I'm concerned that the event might not be happening, this wouldn't be helping neither.
  8. Normally I would be not so impatient, but I wonder WHY they haven't given us the booking code yet. With all the guests announced so early there is not much chatting about this event so I'm a little afraid if there's a chance they have to cancel the event due to not enough tickets are sold
  9. Did somebody already sent them an email? I don't have time for this today, but I guess I'm gonna try tomorrow
  10. My thoughts exactly SharonSr. Last time booked the hotel in the early November, but okay, Chevron 8.2 is a little bit later in April than Chevron 8.1, but still I'm wondering.
  11. I've met him his May and he was very funny and talked a lot to fans during the party. Great guest, thank you :)
  12. I don't know if this fits in here, but I was very annoyed that the bars had different prices (don't know if it was only for Cider). I bought one bottle of Magners at the bar next to the reception but some hours later they run out of Cider so they sent me over to the bar in the TRUNK and they charged me 1.50 GBP more. And 12.5% service charge for opening a bottle and putting it on the counter is usury, I think.
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