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  1. One of the best and most accurate write up's that I've ever read. You can tell so much effort has gone into writing this from start to finish. For anyone new attending an event with an eye to meet someone that they have long admired, the above is for me a perfect anecdote about what it's like. With regard to the germaphobe (I could be wrong), I do remember seeing John Barrowman squirting handcleaner on his hands. I think that being actors, their is a worry that should they catch something (even a cold) this may affect work. Only guessing.
  2. Mistakes are mistakes and we do all make them. I'm not a big fan of the 'hyped' mysterious guest, I always refuse to get excited as a lot of people have a wide array of guests they would like to meet, my own is far more limited and therefore there is less chance of the guest catching my eye. What I do think Showmaster should think about is the policy of the hype. Last night a lot of people were disappointed for this event and lot of other people were delighted for the London Film con. It's like Xmas, you get something, you don't. I'm sure that there are some smashing guests co
  3. Just to put my tuppence in Freema Agyeman Adjoa Andoh Catherine Tate Bernard Cribbins John Simm Karen Gillan Pearl Mackie and to finish off Jackie Lane See what you can do!
  4. I've stuck my name down for Sunday. Tricky one as I'm trying to guess as the months go by whether the who guests will be down for Sunday or Saturday. Lets see what happens.
  5. John Barrowman Freema Agyeman Ajoa Andoh Catherine Tate Bernard Cribbins Karen Gillan John Hurt Pearl Mackie There, that's my shopping list for 2017, you manage to bag any of them I'm driving down all the way from Aberdeen. This event has been brilliant for plugging in gaps, I went down to one a few years back just specifically for Jean Marsh and got Arthur Darvill, Eric Roberts, Emma Campbell-Jones & Noel Clarke at the same time. Oh and if you can talk Jackie Lane out of retirement (I know she's not been well) all the more better. Great news.
  6. Hi Showmaster, Just to say thank you for Saturday, what a difference from around 2 years ago when the event made the ITV news at ten that night with overcrowding. My daughter wanted to attend for the stalls and she really enjoyed it, even the wife did! I was there for Jackie Pearce and Chris Fairbank (He had to be stopped walking into the ladies loo which was funny!) so got me photos and we were out of there in around a couple of hours so a great day. Well done to the organizers and stewards.
  7. I'm sure that he's still attending but has Christopher Fairbank's name been temporarily forgotten for Saturday?
  8. A Great signing that I will be very tempted to come down and see. Lalla does have a tendancy to cancel 'Up North' events so I do hope she comes along.
  9. When you do get your photo with her keep an eye on her as she can without you knowing it pull her own poses which are hilarious. One guy I know lay down on the floor and then she put her foot on his chest and then pulled him up by his tie, funny as hell!
  10. If your meeting the female for a photo session they'll have probably done several anyway so your just one more in the long queue. I normally smile, stretch the hand out shake, ask them if there having a great weekend. Then I ask if its alright to put my arm around them, and that's fine. You will get some females for example like Katy Manning who is a top rank hugger so if your attending the event in winter is great at a quick warm up because your both shivering. The only time I remember someone not being keen on it was Eric Roberts who very much did his own pose and the picture hangs
  11. Is she still coming? I can't see her name on the list of guests.
  12. Well the event finally arrive and I went along to finally meet Samuel Anderson & Camille Coduri and they were great, well up for it plus great to see some of the regulars. Bonnie Langford was having a quiet wonder around before starting her day and Louise Jameson and Katy Manning were up for a blether which was great. Compared to the Newcastle event up north last year which was overcrowded this event seemed a lot quieter in a bigger arena which ironically it looked smaller on the outside and bigger on the inside. It still felt like an Ice Rink but far more space than normal. The
  13. Much appreciated people, I thought I read it wrong!
  14. Now I'm remaining calm, I must be tired or not looking hard enough but I can't see Camille Coduri in either Saturday or Sunday. As Sammy 123 said earlier she was in the Sunday schedule but now she's gone and I can't see her in the Saturday schedule? Now I'm aware that she re-scheduled from Sunday to Saturday but it's slightly unerving not to see her at all now. Well done by the way for putting up the schedule 10 days before the event which is great for me but even better if I can see Camille.
  15. From what I gather, Lalla's not to keen on travelling up north, that's why I was surprised that she was going to Manchester. Still, you never know, fingers crossed.
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