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  1. Any idea when the photohoto schedule is out so i can get some talks tickets?
  2. She is really nice and has all the time in the world for her fans.
  3. Please I hope he turns up to this one just him, sir pat stew and WW and itts a full house
  4. Will Ken be available for Photographs or is it a strictly autograph only affair for him?
  5. i was in 2 minds in coming to the event as London, Shavers, bugner and Dunn are all doing an event near me but Chris has sold me on making the trip than k you SM
  6. will there be photo ops with Brian or does he not like his photo taken?
  7. No. This type of ticket is exclusive to Autographica events at the moment. Cheers
  8. Will there be a photoshoot ticket like at autographica where 10 photoshoots were included with the ticket/wristband?
  9. Thanks for getting back to me Dave, sorry i didn't reply. thats fine i'll use it with other guests. can i just ask how the deluxe pass photoshoot works, do i go in on sat and list 10 people or is it marked down some other way? sorry for my ignorance of this as it's my first event like this. cheers Adam
  10. I've been bought a deluxe weekend pass as a present to have photos woth the boxers that will be attending, and it can't be used with the boxers. Is that correct?
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